How to use Gmail to boost productivity in your small business

How to use Gmail to boost productivity in your small business

Gmail is one of the top-notch mailing platform that is quite popular. For personal and business use, many people from across the world use Gmail to send and receive mails electronically, that is, via the internet. One of the advantages which it has of course is that it can be used easily as a Google Account to access various other Google features.

But then, have you ever thought of the possibility of using Gmail to boost productivity in your small/medium sized business? Have you ever tried using Gmail to help business purposes? Here are a few hints on:

How you can use Gmail to boost productivity in your business

1. To organize your schedule         

As a business owner who probably has no employee yet, it is not uncommon that you forget to do certain things or that your mind skips them in the entire flurry. In the end you leave important things undone. Want a way to stay ahead and keep track of your schedule to boost productivity and create time for other activities? Then you should be using Gmail with your calendar or to-do-list. Whether you are making use of your computer or your phone, as long as you are logged in to your Google account, you can easily check your entire schedule and even plan ahead. This way, your business is improved.

2. Use Auto- responders 

You probably do not have a secretary who jumps to reply to every single email when you are busy or not available. Not to worry, Gmail can do that. You can easily set up an automatic response to emails with business-related contents. Have you directed people to ask you questions via your mail, or to ask for your price listing? Then have them prepared so that they are sent automatically to mailers, pending the time you are able to review their request. Focus on other things and let Gmail help you.

3. Save engaging drafts

What if you have to pitch your business to a client via email within a short time? That’s the competition you have to face every other day- pitching the why of your business to clients within minutes while you still have their attention. Not only can you save pitches draft, you can also save samples of your invoices and receipts. That way you have them ready to send at all times, with minor modifications.

4. Sync with other features and extensions

Your Gmail as a Google account allows you to make use of a number of other apps easily. Not just apps, but business apps that will improve your business’s productivity. Apps like G-suite, Dropbox for Gmail, Trello as well as Clearbit Connect which allows you to find clients’ email. With Gmail, you can sign up to use any of these apps without hassle.

How to use Gmail to boost productivity in your small business

Other than the free Gmail, there is also the Gmail for business which charges a certain amount monthly and yearly. Advantageously, it gives access to some add-ons which are not available on the free Gmail, but recommended for businesses only. Nonetheless, both plans of Gmail can be used to boost productivity in any business at all.