How to secure your Android device from xhelper virus

Xhelper is a common virus known to affect Android devices. Unlike a number of other viruses, the xhelper virus comes in the form of an application which automatically downloads itself into a phone. Most times, upon uninstalling it, it is known to automatically reinstall itself, therefore making it a very tough job to get rid of it.

How to secure your Android device from xhelper virus
Xhelper. Credits: Symantec

When this virus attacks, it attaches itself to various phone applications and disrupts them as well as hinders their work. Even worse, affected users have reported that anti-virus applications do not recognize it as a virus, and it ends up affecting a major part of the phone and its functioning. 

Are you afraid your Android device might be (or already is) affected by xhelper virus?

How to secure your Android device from xhelper virus

Here are some ways you can secure your device from xhelper

1. Disable app installation from unknown sources

To protect your phone from the malware, turn off installation from unknown sources. This way, the app, or any other app will not be able to install itself without permission. To turn off the ability of applications to install themselves without permission, visit your Android’s settings.   

2. Ensure that phones you buy aren’t clones of the original ones

At a lot of times, phones which are clones are susceptible to the xhelper virus, amidst a number of other viruses. To ensure that you do not have to deal with the virus at any point in time, ensure that you get only original phones. Avoid clones irrespective of how cheap they may appear to be.  

3. Have antivirus installed on your phone

There are a number of antiviruses that can help protect your phone from various viruses. However, the xhelper virus is known to be a tough one to handle. If you want to protect your Android from it, a good antivirus to go for is the Kaspersky antivirus. You can simply download it on Play Store. 

4. Confirm the source of apps before installation

The xhelper malware app is known to attach itself to other applications, as a result many download it unknowingly together with an app they need. To avoid this, you must ensure that you confirm the source of applications before you install them. Ensure that they are secure and protected and that they are not from dubious websites with ulterior motive.        

5. Do not give permission to unknown apps

Seen a pop up notification with ads or games that you love? Hesitate to download them for they may contain ‘things’ other than the intended. Do not just download apps based on looks. Find out more about them, before you do so. If eventually you have downloaded one, do not give permission for it to make use of your data, your SMS or other permissions it may require, if you don’t trust the app. Depriving apps automatic permissions will help you monitor them.

The xhelper malware app is one which doesn’t just leave the phone when you uninstall it or when you restore your phone’s factory settings. You may have to wipe your phone or completely reinstall the Android device firmware, if eventually it attacks therefore; you have to protect your phone.