Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students

Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students 1

Professionals in various fields require different types of apps which have been deigned majorly for their use. These apps possess unique features which would make things easier and faster for people who happen to be in the field. This also applies to students as well. There are various apps which would not only make the day-to-day life of a student easier but will also help in the learning aspects.

Apps that every student should use; for better productivity

1.       Note-Taking Apps

Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students 2

You are always with your phone right? At least more often than not. Then, a digital note taking app should be the option that you opt for. They are faster and more available than the conventional style of searching for pen and books. They allow you to take note quickly and without stress. Easily, you can jot as many points as possible at a time before you gather your thoughts into one afterwards. Also, some note taking apps automatically save anything that you have written on it. Adding pictures, links, formatting and turning image into text is all possible with some of these apps as well. You can also choose note taking apps which allows you to record audio. A good example of such apps is the Evernote App, SoundNote etc

2.       Planning/ Scheduling apps

Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students 3

Another of the must have apps for students is a planning app. With classes, to attend, books to read, organization to meet up with and a lot of other things, it is easy to lose track of time. However, with a good planning/ scheduling application, things can be put in their proper places to meet up with time. With a scheduling app, punctuality is ensured and you are able to organize your works and your day quite easily as well. Examples of apps to consider for download includes apps like Calendar 5, Outlook and the Google Calendar.

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  3.     Specialized Dictionary/ Encyclopedia

Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students 4

Having a general English dictionary is good but the fact is it may not be able to cover all that is concerned about one’s field of study. Therefore, as a student of chemistry, biology, physics, law or some other areas, get a dictionary related to your field. This is because it will give you an edge with knowing more about subject topics and will also help you to understand things better and learn faster. Special dictionaries have in-depth discussions on words and connotative meaning according to use while the general ones barely try to explain.

   4.    Alarm

Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students 5

It is known that most people do find it hard to wake up very easily in the morning. However, as a student you cannot afford to sleep later than usual because you have classes to attend and a lot of other things to see to. Therefore, another must have app for student is an alarm.  Better than a clock alarm which is not portable is an alarm app that you can take with you anywhere you wish. Set the alarm with a tune that is sure to wake you up and start your productive days early.

5.       Eating and Fitness app

Five (5) Must Have Apps for Students 6

Being fit, able and strong is an important part that makes being a student interesting. Because it is only then that you can participate in any activity of your choice without restrain. When you are sick, I can bet you will spend more time out of class than you spend in it. As a result, get a good app that will help you to monitor your eating habit, eat healthy fruits, and participate in any sporting activity of your choice. Then, you can live a good healthy and fit life styles. Then you can live a life which would not hinder your academic performance.

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Of course, there are other apps that students should get but the above listed app types are very important and should be gotten soon to enhance productivity. If you have some other apps that you believe other students must have, do not hesitate to recommend by dropping them in the comment box.