HP Slate 6 VoiceTab official firmware update

Flashing this official firmware update on your HP Slate 6 VoiceTab will restore it to factory default settings, but retain some of your existing data.

Regardless, it is necessary and very important that you do complete backup of your valuable data to avoid loss during (after) update.

Ensure to read and follow the firmware upgrade instructions carefully to avoid failed or partial installation which might soft-brick the tab.

NB: All and every HP firmware update package downloaded from Leakite has been officially distributed by HP and has not been modified in a any way and/or form.

Scroll past the firmware download options (after downloading the file you need) to find the installation/upgrade guide.

If you need assistance on anything you have read (or seen) in this post, leave a comment in the comments box and we’ll do our best to respond accordingly.

Firmware Download Links

RegionFirmwareFile SizeVersion
Europe, Middle-East and AfricaDownload528 MB1.01.07 Rev.A
BrazilDownload498 MB1.01.11 Rev.a
IndiaDownload552 MB1.01.14 Rev.a
Latin America (except Brazil)Download492 MB1.01.14 Rev.A
South East AsiaDownload475 MB1.01.10 Rev.A

Firmware installation instructions

  1. Download update.zip file from above link and copy the file to the root directory of an empty micro-SD card that is formatted in FAT 32 format.
  2. Fully charge the phablet, and then disconnect the power from the device.
  3. Power off the device.
  4. Place the phablet on a flat surface, display panel side down, with the release notch pointed towards you.
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NOTE: Before positioning the phablet with the display panel facing down, make sure the work surface is clear of any foreign objects. Failure to follow this caution can result in damage to the display panel assembly.

  1. Remove the back cover. Use the release notch to remove the back cover.
  2. Remove the battery. Use the release notch to lift the rear edge of the battery and pull it away from the battery connector.
  3. Insert the microSD memory card into the reader slot with the copper contacts directed away from you and facing downward.
  4. Reverse the procedure detailed in step 6 to install the battery.
  5. Reverse the procedure detailed in step 5 to install the back cover.
  6. Press and hold the volume up button and power button at the same time.
  7. When the HP logo appears on the screen, release all the buttons.
  8. When the Android system recovery menu appears, use the volume down button to highlight “apply update from external storage.”
  9. Press the power button to validate “apply update from external storage.”
  10. Use the volume down button to highlight the software recovery file, update.zip.
  11. Press the power button to select the update.zip file and launch the recovery.

NOTE: Wait until the entire recovery process finishes. The device might seem unresponsive at times (multiple reboots and black screens) when it is performing the update.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, leave a comment in the feedback section below.