Leaks about the much-anticipated Android Q; All you need to know

Leaks About Android Q
Android Q

It is now on tradition that Google update their smartphones operating system every year as we have seen in 2017, 2018 And 2019 with Androids Nougat, Oreo and Pie respectively. In that vein, it is expected that google releases another update of their OS this year 2019. While it is yet to be released, there are hints from peep leaks I would share with you all you need to know about Android Q for better preparation ahead of the new deal when it comes to Android OS

The sure thing is that there are changes and improvement to be made on the previous Android system. like it was made with the Nougat version that comes with split screen, the new menu integration and the speed of Android 8.0 and android 9.0 respectively.

All you need to know about Android Q
Android Q illustration Credit:Neowin

Now, the amazements that comes with the previous Androids are being topped as Google are ready to prove to the world again that they are own their space in smartphone technology. So what should you expect in the yet to be released Android 10.0?

Android Q features

Android Q features
Android Q features

From all I have been able to gather so far, Android Q is coming with a lot of cool features. To better brace you for what is to come, I will share you my peep into the Android 10.0 coffers.

Desktop Mode

Samsung users would have a better understanding of this concept. Android 10.0 is bringing what they have been enjoying on their TouchWiz  interface with the Samsun DeX project to the general Android platform. The new iteration of the Android software would enable users to view the desktop version of their smartphone.

Android Q desktop mode
Android Q user interface Credits: Xda developers

The details we have right now is only wrapped around the name already given by Google. So while we wait for the real package/ more information, we are only settle with the experience already given by the Samsung UI.

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Smarter Smart Lock

Google has always been particular on user-security, but then, the issue of having to unlock your phone every time is not very palatable. So smart lock was introduced smart lock alongside Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, it has ever been a work in progress since then.

Therefore it is not surprising that google has decided to make improve upon the smart lock technology to make user security experience better.

Dark Mode

The natural Android skin is white. But Google has been experimenting with a dark mode with their previous updates. Now it seems like they have reached a tangible decision to add a full dark mode feature in the coming OS upgrade.

XDA-developers has been able to land an early catch on the beta version of the software for installation on the Pixel 3 XL and has been able to confirm the dark mode to the delight of the private users.

Better Permissions

You can now install apps that required permission knowing they will not be utilizing the permissions even when you are not using them. Android Q would better improve the use of permission by third party apps. And would prohibit the use of permissions on the background even when the app is not active.

Now, you can use your smartphone with a safe knowledge that no app is creating a profile of your daily life.

Google Speed or Godspeed?

It was expressively impressive when google hinted the world of its Android Q which is going to be released sometimes 2019. This is so when some users have not even had their taste of the Google Oreo talk more of the Latest Android Pie which was released in 2018.

Android Q Logo
Android Q logo

It is obvious that Google is not waiting for anybody to adjust before they move on with their OS development which is a good thing in the ever-advancing world of smartphone technology. It is either you are phenomenal or forgotten.

Android Q name
Android Q possible names

What we know about Android Q is not enough now as there is still the speculations about what the ‘Q’ would mean in full.

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To this end, While we wait for the new Android to arrive on our phones, what is your reaction to this development? And have you been able to upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie at all? I look forward to your reaction in the comment box.