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Android App development improves every day. With developers making more researches on how they can develop more interesting and amazing Apps, Google PlayStore and other Android App stores are loaded with the results of this mobile app advancement. So, while you get periodical updates on your old Apps, you probably do not care to check the newly developed Apps and how advanced Android App development has gone.

There are wide areas being explored by Android App developers, example is the VR apps I previously discussed. Other areas like Baby monitor apps and the likes too are excitingly new inclusions to the Android App base. Making those that have been following this development realize that there is little or no limit to how far the development of Android App can expand. To avoid missing out on such good ground, I have come up with the best new Apps for Android In 2019.

New Apps for Android in 2019

Language Navi

Language Navi
Language Navi

This is specifically made for people whose native language is not the English Language, you do not have to fret much, this App translates all its content to your native Language. This App could be said to have broken the communication barrier instituted by Language in Android apps. Most Android developers uses the English language to translate their app content which leads to having better Apps in the English Language than other Languages. Thus, new App for Android is a good suggestion if you are looking for the best new Android Apps in 2019

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Download Language Navi on Play Store

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Calculator Touch

Calculator Touch model image
Calculator Touch Photo Credit – Play Store

This is another best new Apps for Android to try in 2019. This App breaks free from the normal scientific calculator Apps by allowing users to hand-write equations. It does this by utilizing the Android gesture feature. Thus, with Calculator touch, you do not need to type the problem, you can kind of write it with your hand and have it solved for you. I think that is easier than looking for equations on the keyboard all the time. You should try this App out and see if it is a great substitute to the one you are currently using.

Download Calculator touch on Play Store

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Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe logo
Live Icon

This App transcribes speech into text, using Android’s built in speech recognition technology. Therefore, the hearing-impaired ones can begin to enjoy the show with this app. It is a great inclusion to the numbers of Apps on Android platform. Even more so for the fact that it is well developed to transcribe precisely.

Price: free

Download Live Transcribe on Play Store

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HBO now showing movie examples

This App should get a mentioning considering the mostly anticipated Game of Thrones last series that will be released soon. You can stream HBO movies live from this App without having had to search for the movies online. It is one of the best new Android Apps around. It is available on HBO NOW website and can also be downloaded from Amazon App Store

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Price: Free, in-App purchases

Download on Amazon App Store

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Bouncer App page
Bouncer App

The position of Bouncer on this list does not literally means it is the least good new App for Android in 2019, in fact, it is one of the top best because of its relevance on Android phones. Bouncer is a unique security App that overlook all of your social media and other web-based connections to ensure none of your data are being used by these websites for another purpose. Bouncer restricts access to your location immediately the information has been used for its intended purpose by the website. Therefore, you can be free to explore the internet without feeling paranoid.

Price: N315.00

Download Bouncer on Play Store

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Always be on the lookout for the best new apps on the Android platform. You can never be short of new Apps for Android because the App developers are in constant search of better ways to integrate realities in the virtual and make life easier for Android users. If you knew how far pleasant Android Apps are, you would probably find your daily activities easy and more fun.