Eight best hybrid smart watches

Hybrid smartwatches
Hybrid Smartwatches

We have all hear about smartwatches and how Google and Apple incorporation have contributed to the development of the initiative. Unlike in the previous years when smartwatches were just some boring piece of hardware loaded with a less performing hardware, smartwatches these days are greatly redefined and comes with the best of specs. But then, that is that about smartwatches.

Let us take a leap to explore the hybrid smart watch. As the name implies, Hybrid smartwatches is the fusion of the smartwatches with the traditional wristwatches. now you know hybrid, right? The merging of two different components into one.

Best of Hybrid smartwatches

Normally, the outward look of hybrid smartwatches is like that of the normal watches with a simple interface show in the time. But users are opened to a world of smartness after one or two clicks.

Misfit Phase

Misfit Phase hybrid smartwatch image
Misfit Phase

There are lot of reasons why I picked this piece as the best hybrid smartwatch right now. It is stylishly designed hybrid smartwatch that offers a sleek look.  It comes with a good battery life that could last you for about six months in standby mode. However, you should note that there is no fitness or GPS tracker in Misfit phase hybrid smartwatch

This Hybrid smartwatch is one of the most affordable smartwatches you can see around and not only is it affordable, it is also one of the stylish.

Added Advantage

It can also connect with your smartphone to carry out more advanced functions. Not only that, this hybrid smartwatch also come with a notification feature that notifies you once you have a new message.

The Verdict

If you would really like the feeling of giving people the impression that it is just a wristwatch when, it has some great tech in built. Then Misfit phase is the right option for you.

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Price: $169.99

Buy Misfit Phase on Amazon

Misfit command

Misfit Command worn by a male

Remember I said I am coming up with the list of best hybrid smartwatch? Well, this device is on of the answer I have in mind for you. Misfit Command commands a one-year battery life, and also has in built notification like its Phase sister. However, one thing that make it difference is the presence of fitness and GPS tracker. So aside from it being a hybrid smartwatch, it can also go as a fitness tracker for women and men alike.

Added benefits

You have a button designated for playing music. This is one feature that is hard to come by in most hybrid smartwatches. With this music button, you have the chance to tune into your music gallery at anytime.

The Verdict.

This is a good hybrid smartwatch when it comes to rating. Therefore, if you do not mind the buckle which is almost always the point of complaint of most users, then you are good to go with this hybrid smartwatch.

Price: $169.99

Buy Misfit Command on Amazon

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Withings Steel HR Sport

Eight best hybrid smart watches 1

It has a stylish design and comes with a battery that could last you a month; depending on usage of course. Like the Misfit Command earlier mentioned, this  hybrid smartwatch also comes with a GPS tracker and heart rate monitor. Which means it can also be used as a fitness tracker.

Added benefits

It is elegantly designed and gives users the freedom to personalize the interface to suit their taste.

The Verdict.

Though, fragility is a good point to consider before going for Withings Steel. this is a generally good smartwatch if you are the careful type.  Thus, do not hesitate to explore the greatness that comes with this hybrid outside of its only sideline.

Price: $199.95

Buy Withings Steel on Amazon

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Withings Move

Withings Move
Withings Move

Another cheap hybrid smartwatch on the list. The good thing is, it comes with great designs you can choose from. though you will have to do without the fitness tracker and heart monitor, it is still a grat hybrid smartwatch with 18 months – long battery life.

Added benefit

The price and battery life are the main attractiveness of this hybrid smartwatch.


Outside of its shortage of heart rate monitor and the fact that it is made of plastic which can scratch easily, there is no other reason why you should not consider buying Withings move.  It is one of the cheapest yet reliable hybrid smartwatches around.


Buy Withings Move on Amazon

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Fossil Q Commutter

Fossil Q commander
Fossil Q Commander

It is another of the stylish ones on the list. It is made in styles and also comes with a good one year battery life. Apart form all of these, it is also good to note the well programmed notification that gives users real-time buzz whenever new message arrive.

Added Benefits

The design is one of the main reasons why this hybrid smartwatch make the list of  the best. Other side advantages is the very strong battery life and its fitness and GPS tracking features.


The vibrator in this hybrid smartwatch is not that strong. Thus users might not easily know when they have new notification when they are not actively using the smartwatch. That seems to be the only sideline of Fossil Q Commuter. However, it is still one of the best hybrid smartwatches you should try checking out.


Buy Fossil Q Commuter on Amazon

It is good to roll with the tech of the moment. Would you pass your opportunity to explore what technology is on the rave? Check out these unique Hybrid smartwatches and pick one that suits you. You must note that they are not in any other, they obviously have distinct features. Therefore at the end of it all, you still have the freedom to choose your best. Engage via the comment section with your questions, opinions and the likes.