Top Web Resources where you can learn mobile App design

Mobile App design

Have you always wanted to learn Mobile App design? You must have seen the great prospects that lies in the field of mobile App design and thus, ready to make the wise move to learn in that field.

In a short time from now, Mobile App designing would be a high valued commodity that entrepreneurs/business owners, company and even government parastatals would run after. The reason for this is not far-fetched; the online space is quite becoming a hub where things really happen when it comes to reaching customers and the right audience.

Thus, someone with the right skills to develop a user-friendly mobile App would be is always in high demand. You are going to make a great career by designing mobile App. In that case, I have picked five of the top web resources where you can learn mobile App design and be a part of the few that earn over $70,000 annually from App design.

Best Web Resources where you can learn mobile App design


Udemy logo

At Udemy, you have the chance to start as a beginner and learn your way to expertise with their wide variety of courses. They offer courses for on iOS and Android development. You can also function as a teacher at Udemy and get paid for your service.

Udemy Android Development courses

Udemy gives tutorials on how to use Android Studio, Java Code and advanced Android features. No previous knowledge needed to learn Android development at Udemy. With their easy approach to Mobile App design, an average learner would be a pro in a short time.

Price: $10.99

Visit Udemy to learn Android Development

Udemy iOS Development Course

Like in their Android course, they also offer tutorials on iOS development. You can become a Top iOS app designer by simply learning this course on Udemy. iOS development is also easy to learn on Udemy.

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Price: $10.99

Visit Udemy to learn iOS development

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edX is running based on a non-profit principle, thus most of their courses are usually free of charge. It is also open to the global audience. You can learn Android App development of edX for free . however, You shall be required to pay if you wants their verified certificate

Android App design courses at edX

This is a beginners’ course on Android development for those who are new to computer programming . the tutors who are Google App developers would get you familiar with the user interface design and all Android development tools. You will be given the chance to create two Applications at the end of your course.

Price: Free; but you can pay $99 to obtain a Verified certificate after completing your course.

Learn App design at edX

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Udacity logo

Udacity is an interactive online platform to learn mobile App design. They give video tutorials, a well-designed learning management system and a provides a built-in programming environment/interface.

iOS development on Udacity

This is an online platform that stocks web-based resources on iOS development. it is one of the most regarded websites where you can learn iOS development. What more? Udacity runs a Nano-degree program in iOS development that gives you the opportunity to be in the same stand with an engineer at top-notch technological institutes. Adding the website to your CV would surely uplift your chance towards getting clients as an iOS developer.

Price: The cost of learning iOS development at this website is only $199 per month

Learn iOS development at Udacity

Udacity Android App Development

Students with zero or little knowledge on programming are given an intensive, hands-on tutorials on Android development. Subscribing for Android development on Udacity would earn you all the confidence you need as a mobile App designer. Udacity gives Google certification on completion of Android App development on the website.

Price: The cost of learning Android Mobile App design on Udacity is $199 per month.

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Learn how to Mobile App design on Udacity

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Google Developers Training

Google Developers Training

Google has also provided a great platform where you can find tech resources online. Google Developers Training gives you the opportunity to learn mobile App design at your own pace after which you earn a Google verified certificate. What is good about is – Google certificate are often regarded in the tech community, Google being a tech giant itself.

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Android Development on Google

Unlike most of the websites mentioned previously, Google focuses only on Android Development. It is understanding enough though, because all Google products are Android supported and more chiefly because Google is the brain behind the Android Operating System. Google developers Training is one of the top programs online that provides adequate resources on Mobile App design.

Price: Free

Learn Mobile App design on Google

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Coursera lettering expression

Coursera is a lot of things. From organizing an online course on sciences to giving tutorials on Engineering, It is also a good place to learn computer programming which also offers courses in Mobile App design. Coursera offers over 2,000 courses for its teeming population of students. You can also join these smart students today to enjoy this online resources while learning how to code a nice looking mobile App.

iOS development on Coursera

Cocoa Touch Frameworks, Xcode, Core iOS, Fundamentals and simple interface designs are tutorial topics you can choose to learn on this platform. Learning mobile App design on Coursera will not only give you a strong foundation in mobile App development, it will also help you to explore different areas of mobile App development.

Price: Free for seven days

Learn Mobile App design on Coursera


Mobile App design is a very broad field that holds a lot of opportunities. Exploring it will make you independent and financially stable. But then, you need the best resource you can lay your hands on, to keep you right on track. And the online archive is the best place to seek for this. I hope you will make use of any of the top web resources where you can learn mobile App design provided in this article. Questions and feedback are welcome.