Top seven (7) Samsung business mobile phones

Image: A man on business call

Advancement in technology has changed the way the world works. Now, you can move your business to your phone and reach across the world on it. The internet has made it easier to make more profit and do business with ease. However, to be able to utilize the internet to promote one’s business, there are tools required in which mobile phone is one of them.

The Samsung brand produces some of the best mobile phones suitable for carrying out business. Therefore, we have decided to bring to you in this article the seven best mobile phones of the Samsung brand suitable for business.

Samsung Business Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 suitable for business
Galaxy Note 9

If you have been searching for the best smartphone for business use, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might your best option. Made of extremely strong PCB (inner components) at the average of 6.4 inch LCD which displays your information with great perspective. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 come with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Now, that’s a great deal of memory allocation that will surely be useful for your business venture. The RAM space is enough to allow many processes to function on the phone simultaneously without any memory glitch. There is a slot for external storage devices like SDcard that allow user to find an alternative whenever the phone memory is full. Which is hardly something easy to consume like that.

The mobile phone has a 4,000mAh battery capacity and that should be up to at least one day of on-time duration. There is also the 8GB RAM and 512 ROM variant at a costlier price. With Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you no longer have to worry about the space to store your document and other important files.

Where to buy Note 9

Amazon – $728.99 | Jumia NG – N249,999 | Konga – N255,000

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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy 9
Samsung Galaxy 9

There are two phones in the S9 series which are the initially released Galaxy S9 and the later version named Galaxy S9 pro. Both versions were developed to suit business conditions. Both in design and features, it beats a lot of other smartphones to be on this list. You can rest assured that your vital information that could jeopardize your business if gotten to the wrong hand is safe on Galaxy S9. It uses an iris scanner that enables users to open their open with their eyes. That is some innovation sense couple with security. Also, with the Galaxy S9 came the common fingerprint sensor for additional security. Galaxy s9 also has a Knox Security suite for keeping military-level security. It also has folder support where you can organize your files.

Where to buy Galaxy S9

Amazon – $529.99 | Jumia NG – N189,999 | Konga – N209,000

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Image
Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Note 8 was a great sensation on release. Yet, this great mobile phone still retain its relevance in the smartphone world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 come with S pen which is a great tool for business users. This feature alone made it great and distinguished from other smartphones. As a business manager, you’d want to make note, read in different languages and even do that while the phone is currently turned off are the reasons why you should consider the Galaxy Note 8 whenever you want to go shopping for a new phone for your business.

Where to buy Note 8

Amazon – $429.99 | Jumia NG – N177,800 | Konga – N198,000

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Samsung Galaxy S7

Image of a man doing business with Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an improvement on the previous Samsung Galaxy S6. It was released with features best suited for small businesses. It is waterproofed, can be charged ‘wirelessly’ and can be used to store large amount data on its internal storage of 32GB. With these features, Samsung Galaxy S7 can still withstand extreme conditions that many other smartphones would not have survive. This makes it a relevant business smartphone in the mobile phones industry.

Where to buy Galaxy S7

Amazon – $193 | Jumia NG – N88,900

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Samsung A8 Plus

Samsung A8 Plus being used to make payment
Samsung A8 Plus

This is another Samsung smartphone suitable for doing business. It has a 6.0-inch screen with HD support. It has a powerful 3500mAh battery that can last you for a full day of phone use. There is a huge 6GB random memory that helps with application processes which makes the phone swift and fast.

Samsung A8 however, has some lower specs compared to the plus version. It comes with 4GB RAM and 5.6 inch display. Notwithstanding, both A8 and A8 plus are suitable for business considering their specifications.

Where to buy Galaxy A8 / A8 Plus

Galaxy A8 Plus: Amazon – $422 | Jumia NG – N146,000 | Konga – N150,000

Galaxy A8: Amazon – $389.97 | Jumia NG – N99,000 | Konga – N98,000

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Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung Galaxy A6
Samsung Galaxy A6

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is just like the previously discussed A8 in terms of memory allocations and display type. It comes with a 3500mAh battery capacity and 5.6 -inch HD display.

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It is suitable for your business needs as is features can be utilized in many ways to ease your day-to-day business transactions. Its battery life is on the average and can serve well in areas where there is no constant power supply. Its display will exhibit your data in clear perspective and the battery too is just as great when the need for one arises in your business line. In all, Samsung Galaxy A6 is one of the best Samsung mobile phones for business.

Where to buy A6 / A6 Plus

Galaxy A6 plus: Amazon – $299.98 | Jumia NG – N84,999

Galaxy A6: Amazon – $249.99 | Jumia NG – N68,999 | Konga – N95,000

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

Samsung Galaxy J7
Samsung Galaxy J7

The J7 max which was released in June 2017 was an improved version of the initially released Galaxy J7. It has a 32GB expendable internal storage space with support for microSD card of up to 256GB. Compared to its parent version, the Galaxy J7, it has a bigger screen which makes it eligible for this list of best Samsung mobile phones for business.

With Samsung Galaxy J7 max, your business has been made easier a step further.

Where to buy Galaxy J7 Max

Amazon – $212.50

Samsung makes great phones, so it is not surprising that most of their product are business supportive. Being one of the leading brands in smartphone industry, they have always put the needs of consumers upfront. This explains further why they are one of the few smartphone brands that make the best mobile phones suitable for business.