Amazon echo accessories you should have

Amazon echo accessories you should have 1
Amazon echo accessories

Alexa is the digital assistant used by Amazon to automate homes. Like Google home, you can use Amazon echo to do a series of things which would have required your physical effort. Amazon echo was integrated with an artificial intelligence (AI) known as Alexa which helps carry out activities in your home, stress free.

You would want to know what compatible accessories that works well with Amazon echo.  With these accessories, you can get more than you bargain for in awesomeness. That is why I have decided to compile the list of Amazon echo accessories you should have.

Amazon echo accessories

There are series of Amazon echo accessories, but I have come up with the 5 best Amazon echo accessories in this article, I hope at the end of your red, you would make use of our gadget suggestions.

image of Echo Accesssories
Amazon Echo accessories

Philips Hue A19 Starter Kit

Philips Hue A19 is a light bulb kit that utilizes low amount of energy. This is one of the best Amazon accessories you can spend your money on. You do not have to worry about power consumption with Philips A19. You can also set alarms and use it as a timer or adjust its brightness anyhow you like it. Philip A19 hub supports over 50 bulbs so you can have a full lighthouse with just a kit.

Philips Hue A19 Starter Kit
Philips Hue Starter Kit

Philips Hue bulbs come in various color and can be controlled using Amazon echo’s Alexa or its dedicated app.

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Where to buy

Amazon – $49.96


This is an Amazon echo accessory that could help you accomplish some of the basic duties at home. It can be used to turn off the TV set with its dedicated settings or you can just connect to Alexa and asked the TV to be turn off without leaving your seat. This makes your activities in the home a lot easier and fun. If you had wanted to start home automation with Amazon echo, TP-LINK HS110 is a suitable accessory to start with

TP-LINK HS110 package

Where to buy

Amazon – $29.80 to $38.66

LIFX Smart LED bulb

LIFX smart LED bulb is another accessory on the list of smart accessories for Amazon echo. This is a multi-color smart light bulb that is somewhat like Philips A19 hue bulb.  This light bulb looks like the normal bulb and can be fixed to almost all light fixtures.

LIFX Smart LED bulb for amazon echo accessory
Smart LED bulb

This bulb goes well with Amazon echo and can be connected to be controlled by Alexa. Another of its attractiveness is its varying colors of light; there are over 16 million colors of light.

Where to buy

Amazon – $44.99

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung has started their Artificial Intelligence indicatives with the development of a lot of things which the Samsung SmartThings is part of.  You can now control  your locks, cameras, smart sensors and the other things that amounts to automating your home.

Smasung SmartThings; A good Amazon Echo Accessory
Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings hub can be connected with Alexa, thus it is one of the few best Amazon echo accessories. Moreover, it has a dedicated Android App from which it can be controlled. This gives it an edge over the other Amazon echo accessories.

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Where to buy

Amazon – $69.12

Alexa Voice Remote

Alexa Voice Remote
Alexa Voice Remote

This device is made of an integrated microphone which can be connected to Amazon echo via Bluetooth.  It comes into function when the speaker is just too loud and it cant hear your command. All you need to do is press the dedicated button on the remote and give you command. It also works when the speaker is far away and you cannot be heard over the distance.

This is another Amazon Echo accessory that makes your home automation more fun.

Where to buy

Amazon – $27.99

Amazon echo accessories all the way!

Now, your home should be getting more fun with the Amazon echo accessories listed in this article. You can subscribe to all of these devices or settle with a single alternative and derive the joy of advance technology in your home with your Amazon echo accessories connected to Alexa. Do ensure to give your feedback in the comment section.