Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS

Want to Edit Video like a Pro?

We all enjoy the awesome music videos shot by celebrities on television. In fact, let’s run through this best video editors. Most times the music might not be worth it but we sit down to look at the mesmerizing video effects of the song.

Some time ago, after watching Kendrick Lamar’s music video “Humble”, I told myself I would become a video editor and make cool fortune out of it. Haha!

Gone are those days when we need digital Camcorder to shoot awesome scenes in our daily life, you see things have changed; right now one can edit their personal video and craft it to their own desire.

Editing videos on Android can be somewhat difficult because it’s limited at some point in its features and functions compared to more advanced editing on PC. So how can editing on Android be accomplished?

With all the numerous editing apps that exits in Google Play Store, I’ve picked these apps via users review and popularity, but it mostly depends on the experience I’ve had with them.

Let me quickly introduce you to Top five [5] Video editors that can run efficiently on your Smartphone.

Note: This list isn’t in any order of preference, they’re just randomly listed. You are advised to choose any of these editors that you prefer.

Top 5 Video Editors

  1. Adobe Premier Clip
  2. Filmorago
  3. VivaVideo
  4. Power Director
  5. Quik
Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 1
Adobe premier clip
Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 2

This awesome video editor boasts of epic capabilities i.e video editing functions like music, cutting, adding transitions, trimming, effects, and filters.

The best feature about Adobe Premiere Clip is the automatic video creation capability, i.e., the app can automatically create videos for you with any photos or clips that you choose.

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One of the benefits of Clip is after you finishing editing, you can share it to the social media or easily open it in Adobe Premiere Pro on PC or Mac for more advanced editing (if you want to).

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Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 3
filmorago video editor
Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 4

Want to the know the queen of video editing on Smartphone? Here it is, filmorago.

Great functionality comes sweet editing and features; with all basic video editing functions such as splitting ,  voice overs, texts-on-video, trimming and adding music etc.

 Filmora also comes with many advanced editing functions such as transition, slow motion, tilt-shift, jump, mosaic, cut, video overlay, play video in reverse etc.

One of the selling points of this particular app is that it offers you the ability to stabilize shaky video scenes via the help of its built-in Video stabilization Function.

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Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 5
VivaVideo Video Editor

VivaVideo has had a major breakthrough since its release. This app is common as seen on basically most android phones.

The app gained its reputation due to the rise of its usage for social media short clips.  

The app offers a functionality of simplified yet advanced video editing feature on android and IOS. And you can easily share edited picture to social media on just one tap away!

Viva allows you to import/capture a clip then edit it on-the-go. From trimming, adding music, adding texts, sticker support, subtitles, merging clip, square fit clips (instagram shot).

 It includes over 150 video filters and various other effects, text input, and fast and slow motion support. And has over 200million users.

In fact, it’s one of the best video editors on Android.

Viva video has free version (with watermark). The pro version offers you the capability of removing watermark and some extra juicy filters.

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Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 6
Cyberlink Power director
Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 7

With the name “power”, we all should know it truly deserves that name. it comes with a simplified user-Interface but with some relative struggles in efficiently utilizing the app’s full potential.

Most of its features are available in the free version, but upgrading to the full version allows you to remove ads, watermark, ability to extract videos in 4k resolution and 1080.  

Nonetheless, if you were able to completely utilize the app, you can create a powerful and professional clip with just taps.

It has over 30 different effects and transition effects to choose from and add to your video to make it look enticing.

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  • QUIK
Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 8
Quik video editor
Top Five (5) video editors for Android and iOS 9

When it comes to the quickest method in editing video, then we employ the use of quik.

Quik is another smart and swiftest app to create excellent videos. It offers you the ability to select any of your favorite photos or video clips to make your own stories with it.

You can also add transition effects, titles, filters, music and more to make your video more creative and unique, and then share it with your friends on social media easily. One could say that this app is designed as best video editing software for beginners.

One of the selling points in quik is you can crop videos, transition effects, titles, filters, add texts, and more and quickly sync everything to the beat of any music and share it with friends on social media easily or save it in your device’s gallery in  any form or resolution (720p or 1080p)

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