Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS

It appears selfie has taken over the internet lately, due to uprising technology in smartphones with a brighter and more enhanced camera. One no longer needs the intervention of a professional photographer to take pictures for memories. Let’s take it to picture editing apps.

What happens when you feel like to edit and add some artwork and extra shiny effects/filters to the pictures, to make it look enticing and glamorous? Today, I want to introduce you to the top five (5) best photo editors so far. 

At this stage, we employ the use of third-party applications on our Smartphone to edit pictures even though Android and IOS have a built-in photo editor but they might not be good enough to turn our photos into what we desire. 

Some might be asking; what are the apps necessarily needed to accomplish this special task? Chill out, I will put you down on them one by one…

I have taken time to analyze and carefully handpick these apps. The first on our list is:

  1. PhotoShop Express
Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 1
Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 2
Adobe PhotoShop Express

Like seen on the most desktop computers where one can make the world of photos seem different, now Photoshop has brought it down to us on Handheld devices. It also offers all the basic editing tools you’d expect, including rotate, crop, red-eye correction and brightness adjustment.

With advanced tools, filters, basic correction tools, stylish effects. Creating an outstanding art work is just at the tip of your finger nails.


  • Create studio-quality photo collage in a few clicks.
  • Upload photos from device, Adobe CC, Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Photos
  • One-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure, and white balance.
  • Blemish removal, color correction, and image resize.
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Download for Android & IOS

   2.  SnapSeed

Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 3
Google snapseed 
Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 4

Google’s very own photo editor, so powerful. Need to crop or rotate an image, or add a filter? That just takes a couple of taps. One of the selling points of this epic editor is, you can even stack effects on photos, similar to Layers in Photoshop, making it easy to produce a brand-new result each time you edit a photo and it also features options that allow you to modify depth of field, perspective (ideal for compensating for distortion created by your phone camera’s fixed lens), curves and brightness.

Cool isn’t it?

Download for  Android & IOS

  3.  Pics Art Photo Editor

Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 5
Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 6
Pics Art Magic

One of the greatest feats of this particular app is its flexibility and swiftness in editing pictures. From varieties of effects to apply, blurring objects (as seen in latest phones with portrait features), one can use this great app and even adding extra beauty to faces (fixing blemishes and teeth whitening).

You can use its awesome stickers, fonts, text to create beautiful photo collage. Flawlessly adding a perspective view from any angle you could think of.

Whenever I got a new phone, I always make sure this app is installed before any other app. I’ve gotten good comments from peers, everyone wanting to know the photo editor I use, but each time I tell them it’s this app, they tend to think am sort of a liar.

Why is it so? The reason is, Pics Art offers special effects to users who really want to dig deep into it, than those who just use the outer layer. So in this case I’d say lots of people just make use of the outer layer.

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Download for Android & IOS

     4.  VSCO

Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 7
Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 8

With professional-grade tools and advanced camera controls, VSCO is a great app for novices and professionals alike.

The quick editing tools include white balance, shadows, highlights and exposure etc.

Capable of Polishing your photo with many preset filters in just one-click. It also supports basic editing features that allow you crop photos and adjust the exposure, color and sharpness.

Download for Android & IOS 

      5.  PRISMA 

Top five (5) best photo editors for Android and iOS 9
Prisma Editor

Are you a lover of Art? Having the thirst of seeing paint and realistic coloring on pictures? Then Prisma is for you.

The app is equipped with free editing tools and filters, nonetheless, additional filters are available as in-app purchases, there’s a very generous selection included free of charge.

This app supports sharing your edited pictures to the feeds so others who love arts like you can view it (works like a community). But wait, it’s optional. If you don’t want to share to your feed, you can keep it to yourself, regardless.

Download for Android & IOS

Now check out these apps and tell me what you think.