Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices

Nearly 90% of Android users worry about data loss of important data- including media, documents, App data, Messages and other credentials. Intermediate to advanced Android users (those with root privilege, and those who meddle with system partition) would like to perform a full system back up to ensure nothing is lost after resetting their device, or after flashing custom rom and that is why I’ve come up with best backup solutions to avoid data loss! It includes both offline and cloud backup options.

Last time I encountered a problem updating my device via OTA. My device crashed and I had to start the world afresh, no means of retrieving my files and it hurt me, so I decided to take out time to survey some relevant apps and ask questions about its credibility on how to backup apps on Android before factory reset.

Losing user data is not common amongst IOS users, just with a single login, BOOM! Your data is restored. Android lacks these special features, besides the likes of the Google drive, Google photos which you can enable to get auto-backup.

Well, losing user data is about to end because, in this article, I am going to give you awesome apps to backup and restore your data if lost. I have selected these apps on the basis of their download rate, user reviews and my personal experience.

Some ask questions like if I factory reset my android device, will I lose my contacts? The answer depends on the storage location of the contacts if saved on device storage, then the contacts would be lost after a reset, but any other external storage like Sim card, Google account, or even backed up in a cloud storage [which is the most effective way. Then the contact is sure retrievable].

Now let us take a look at this carefully handpicked free and cheap secure cloud storage apps.


The number one on the list is:

  1. Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

This free app allows you to backup all your phone data, Apps, Contacts, Call logs etc in your android device. The app allows scheduling all the backup of your data (i.e you can set it to auto-backup). Also, whenever you install a new app it will show a message of a new back up. It works flawlessly on both rooted and non-rooted devices. This is an efficient way on how to save contacts before factory resetting android.

Key features of Super Backup: SMS & Contacts

  • Backup apps to SD card
  • Backup all app download links of Google Play
  • Backup & restore app’s data
  • Batch restore apps from SD card
  • Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
  • Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 1Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 2

Download here.


Mega has been a lifesaver when it comes to backing up user data, In fact, I rated this app 5-STAR on Play store.

Mega is an online cloud storage that provides each user a whopping 50gb of storage on regular account to store all form of media files, apks files etc. Imagine upgrading to premium, you’d get up to 2TB or more of cloud storage, with end-to-end encryption. This app provides 256 AES encryption data security to secure your android device data.

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 3Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 4

One good thing about this app is that you can easily generate a link to download the uploaded media files. Mega comes with different packages.

The packages are as follows:

Free plan: 50GB storage with 10GB bandwidth limit, reset every 30 minutes.

PRO I: 500GB storage with 1TB monthly bandwidth limit. (Paid plan)

PRO II: 2TB storage with 1TB monthly bandwidth limit. (Paid plan)

PRO III: 4TB storage with 4TB monthly bandwidth limit. (Paid plan)

Download here.

 3. Titanium Backup

This app is one of the bombs on Playstore,  Titanium backup only works on rooted devices. It is readily capable of backing up fully your android system data including the system apps. And it also features a cloud backup.  The paid version of this app is available for $5.91. You can download the paid version here.

Key features:

  • Load/Save a Filter and use it in Widgets/Schedules
  • Change the device’s Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset
  • Protect backup against deletion
  • Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and import it in 1 click
  • Backup/Verify/Un-install an app in one shot
  • Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click.

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 5Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 6

 Download free version here.


  4. Go Backup and Restore Pro

This is one of the best data backup & restore app for android. This app allows you to backup your contacts, Apps, Call Logs, Bookmarks etc for free on your Android device. The app accompanies a paid version and it’s available for $4 approx.

Download for free here.

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 7Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 8


  • Batch delete Backups
  • Merge Individual Backup
  • Allows Batch Backup and restore app in two different ways- apk+data & Apk file only.
  • Smart merge duplicate contacts Automatically

 5. Helium: App Sync and Backup

When we talk of minimalistic User interface, we then talk of Helium Backup & restore.  This cool android app enables the user to Backup/restore their data. Also, the computer and cloud backup of this app allows a user to access information in an easy and simplified way.

This app does not require root access on your device like some other apps already mentioned above. This app allows you to sync all your data to another android device too. what more could one ask for?

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 9

Key features:

  • Contacts – Backup call log and SMS
  • SMS – Backup call log and SMS
  • Accounts – Backup and restore from Drive
  • Phone State – Uniquely identify phone for Android to Android sync
  • Read Logs – Debugging and bug reports
  • Wi-Fi – Make sure scheduled backups only happen on Wi-Fi.

Downlaod Here.


Google photos has been a helpful app when it comes to backup and restore solutions. This app backs up your photos and videos automatically for free, even though it counts as cloud storage.

The only little problem with the app is that it somehow decreases quality of the photo. Nonetheless, there’s an option to backup the media files at original quality and size, but this requires a Google Drive space and you have to pay for that.

Key features:

  • Backup photos at compressed state.
  • Restoration of files or viewing the backed up files requires an internet connection.
  • Backup photos & Videos at original quality but requires Google drive.

Download it for free here.

7.  MyBackup

This awesome app is capable of backing up apps, photos, music, videos and other relevant stuffs like SMS, system settings and call logs.

Yes, the app requires ROOT privileges to enable stability features like freezing system apps, bloatware and more. MyBackup serves as an alternative to Titanium Backup for root users.

On free version of the app, you can backup to your device or external storage. The pro version has more options on where to backup & restore from, regardless this includes cloud storage, supports transfer to other devices too and even your computer.

Download here.

8. App Backup Restore- Transfer

App Backup Restore a.k.a the simpler; is one of the best in the list of Backup & restore tools. It has sweet features like Backup & Restore APKS, contacts, show system stats, auto-backup and lots more.

The app has a little flaw which is, it lacks the ability to backup app data, it only backup the APK file to simply re-install whenever required.

One of the significant features of this app is that you have the option to choose where to backup your stuff, SD-card or Cloud storage. Anyone you’d prefer. It is also equipped with a Virus Scanner.

Get the app here.

9. Easy Backup

Just like the name implies, That’s exactly what the app does. It backs up your contacts. It also includes cloud storage, a support for VFC, works offline and exports files quickly. The app supports 15 languages, material design and lots more. It is very much simpler to use.

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 10

Get the app here.


The trwp manager is basically for ROOT users. It lets you, organize and create NANdroid backups [A NANDroid backup is a digital copy of all the data that’s stored in an Android device’s NAND flash memory]

This app is very beneficial to ROOT users because it grants them so many extra cool features.

Nonetheless, this great app uses Open-Recovery-Script to make your device reboot, perform a full NANdroid backup, and reboot after the task is completed.

Ten (10) best backup apps for Android devices 11

Download for free.

So check them out and give us a feedback on which serves you better in the comment box.