ASUS ZenFone A500KL Stock Firmware Flash File

Download ASUS ZenFone A500 KL main stock firmware from the link here, and follow the supplied flashing guidelines to find out how to flash the stock rom.

If you discover that any of the links supplied listed below is broken or does not work, please post in remarks area so we repair and upgrade it ASAP.

Download Choices

File Call: UL-ASUS_T00 P-JP-114.6.107-
Size: 914.3 MB
Variation: JP-114.6.107( KK)
Firmware Link: Download

File Call: UL-ASUS_T00 P-WW-114.6.107-
Size: 901.97 MB
Variation: WW-114.6.107( MR1-7, KK)
Firmware Link: Download

File Call: UL-ASUS_T00 P-TW-114.6.106-
Size: 917.97 MB
Variation: TW114.6.106( KK)
Firmware Link: Download

File Call: UL-ASUS_T00 P-TH-114.6.102-
Size: 896.54 MB
Variation: TH-114.6.102( KK)
Firmware Link: Download

How to flash

  1. Extract the.RAW firmware from the downloaded zip plan to gadget’ microSD card, in the root directory site.
  2. Disconnect any USB cable televisions linked.
  3. Restart the gadget to healing by pushing BOTH Power_On Volume_Up (Hold).
  4. The logo design “No USB linked” will appear,
  5. Press BOTH Volume_Down Volume_Up.
  6. Select the choice “SD DOWNLOAD”.
  7. Wait on flashing procedure to start and finish
  8. Reboot.