Seven smartphone apps to improve your writing skills

A person who can write well, certainly will be held in high esteem. If you possess peerless writing skills, you can work as an editor or writer at a publishing house, English teacher, or academic writer providing students with assignment help.

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That said, under no circumstances will real gurus of words be replaced by robots. Even though the competition among writers is severe, superb ones are always sought-after by different corporations. If you want to enrich your writing skills, you have to start practicing as early as possible, utilizing the most prominent and beneficial apps.

Times, when writers used nothing but a battered notebook and a broken pen, have passed. With cutting-edge apps, you are sure to make your writing impenetrable and exclusive. Consider using the following apps to boost your skills.


You can’t write an impeccable paper if your concentration flies through the Internet web pages. With Freedom, you are sure to focus on your tasks, blocking those websites that make you feel enticed. A voluminous amount of studies identified that an individual can’t remain focused for longer than 90 minutes, so it is crucial to take some time-outs. This application lets you schedule your blocks for as much time as you need. – Download

A Soft Murmur

Undoubtedly, you have experienced that being surrounded by nature makes you effective and productive. Besides, many writers choose to get isolated from the entire world and seek motivation in the mountains, forests, and alike. Nowadays, you don’t have to go hundreds of miles to write your home assignments or even books. A Soft Murmur ensures you don’t feel locked at home. The app is free, and you can choose any sound your heart desires. – Download

Grammarly Keyboard

Needless to say, what this app is all about. No matter whether you are a reporter, an English teacher, or a future writer, you have to make this app the most used one. Not only does it correct your subject-verb agreement and dangling modifiers, but also Grammarly checks your syntax and word-choice, suggesting more relevant structures. Working in Grammarly is a no-brainer, as it polishes your paper to shine for free (a paid version of the app is also available).

If you have ever checked your text in this app, be sure that Grammarly Keyboard works the same way. Indeed, there is no point in employing this keyboard while texting with your friends because you use colloquial language. But what if you have to write a letter to your professor or want to complete your paper on the road without using a laptop? Try this application, and you will see how your writing skills skyrocket and boost your self-confidence. – Download


If you wrote something and polished it in terms of Grammarly, it is not enough. Even if you read your text and it seems well-written, don’t forget about the readability rate. The professor can lower your grade significantly if there will be too many hard-to-read questions. For these cases, try Readable. This app scrutinizes your written piece, making your paper clear, accurate, and straightforward.

Plenty of people are blissfully happy after utilizing this app because Readability undergoes rigorous processes using robust algorithms that check stop words density, sentence length, over-spam of adverbs, etc. If you have ever used Hemingway app from your PC, you will get the idea of Readability.


Draft is useful if you collaborate with your co-workers, colleagues, or waiting for the bus, let’s say. Yes, Google Docs is a great app that you can deploy on a daily basis. However, remember how troublesome and time-consuming it is to edit some parts of the document. To speak nothing of when you are working together with your mates. You can’t perform individual changes promptly, or get back to previous drafts that have been edited and changed, yet had crucial points that should have been included in a newer version.

Draft is versatile and lets you do all the mentioned aspects easily. Other than those features, you can turn on a mode, which allows you only to write content without editing it. By that, this app motivates you to jot down every idea that comes to your mind without paying attention to possible misspellings, typos, and grammatical errors. – Download

Google Keep

Each and every writer has a notebook where they write down out-of-the-box ideas. Flashes of inspiration appear spontaneously, so you should always be ready to capture them. Google Keep is a simple app that doesn’t have to be described except for one thing – synchronization with your devices. Adding some info from your phone, you can retrieve it from your laptop. Convenient as it is. Download

Pocket Thesaurus

Finally, the heavyweight champion among apps for smartphones that can boost your writing. If you have used Thesaurus dictionaries, you already know that they are top-notch. If you didn’t, then your first experience with Pocket Thesaurus will be unforgettable. This app focuses on synonyms and antonyms for every English word. You can bookmark words you haven’t heard about and access them any time, as Pocket Thesaurus works offline. The app is completely free and aims to augment your vocabulary. One of the most fantastic features of this app is called Floating Thesaurus, enabling which you will see synonyms for a specific word on a popup window without opening the app.

The Bottom Line

Writing isn’t an easy process. You can’t take it after your parents. Practice makes perfect, so you need to polish your writing through consistent, repetitive, and sometimes even tedious writing. If you want to decrease your time spent on writing and its improving, consider deploying the mentioned apps.

For instance, the incorporation of A Soft Murmur with Freedom will give you a sense of being in a forest. Natural sounds will boost your efficacy, whereas apps, like Grammarly Keyboard, Readable, and Pocket Thesaurus, will make your paper glossy and easy to understand. The other apps are no less essential in the writing process. Download them, and we guarantee you will feel on top of the world!

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