[HOW TO] Enable Multi-Window Mode on Android 6.0

This is a hidden feature in Android 6.0, (multi home window). It has its warnings:

So make a decision if this is really for you previously complying with these steps

It’s disappointed in customer builds, so we have to do some messing. You’ll either need origin or a custom-made healing to do this, but as not every person wants root, here’s how you do it with TWRP, a USB cable, and also a COMPUTER with ADB:

1. Boot your device right into recovery
2. Mount your system by going to Mounts > Tick System
3. On your COMPUTER open up a command line, someplace like your desktop is useful
4. Kind the complying with command:

HTML Code:
 adb pull / system/ develop prop

5. Open up the build.prop data with your favorite (suitable) editor, I recommend using Notepad on Windows
6. Discover the “ro.build.type” line
7. Modification the text after = to “userdebug” from “customer”
BONUS: If you want a nicer DPI here, change the line “ro.sf.lcd _ density” to your recommended DPI
8. Conserve the file
9. Go back to the command line as well as go into the complying with command:

HTML Code:
 adb push build prop / system/

10 Now open up a shell doing:

HTML Code:
 adb covering

11 Now a adb shell will certainly open, get in these commands:

HTML Code:
 cd system
644 develop prop

12 Reboot the tool as regular
13 When the gadget has actually booted, most likely to the designer options
14 Scroll to the bottom of the “Drawing” group
15 Enable multi-window and have some enjoyable!

If you’re rooted …
1. Download “Build.prop editor”

2. Discover “ro.build.type”

3. Edit it to have the worth “userdebug” from “user”

4. Restart when triggered
5. When the device has started, most likely to the designer alternatives
6. Scroll to all-time low of the “Drawing” classification
7. Enable multi-window and also have some enjoyable!


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