How it’s Possible to Track an iPhone without App

Some things were impossible back in the day. One of them is trying to track an iPhone without any application. If you didn’t want to use the Find My iPhone option, then you must involve another app.

Later, as we progress, powerful apps came in to wreck the heavy security iPhones possess. Now, you only need to feed these solutions details about the iPhone’s iCloud you want to track.

After that, the tracking information and any other information will be available remotely. Do you want to know how to use one? We have it here, and it does not need any installation to proceed. Let’s see how you can use it to track an iPhone in less than 5 minutes.

Part 1: Track an iPhone with Minspy Solution

One of the potent ways to track an iPhone without an app is via Minspy. It’s a solution that works on both Android and iOS, and that has given it more than a million downloads. In the iOS end, no download or installation takes place.

Also, it does not require any jailbreaking to proceed. That leaves you with a straightforward setup process to follow. After creating an account on the main website, the next step is verifying the iCloud credentials of the targeted phone.

How it’s Possible to Track an iPhone without App 1

After a few minutes of syncing, the tracking details and any other info will be in your online account. That is why users in more than 190 countries know about it. Others have already read about it on major news outlets such as Business Insider and PC World.

Back in your account, Minspy will track the phone in real-time. It will show you the exact location of the phone and all the other visited places. It also has a Geofencing option that allows you to place restrictions.

When the target goes to the specified places, you will always receive a notification. Minspy will also track phone calls, SMSs, social media activities, and more. There are over 35 features that you need to check on the main website.

You get all this information on a control panel that works with all browsers. That implies you can track iPhone without app using Minspy anywhere after the setup. All you need is an internet connection to make that possible.

The information you retrieve from the iCloud is always protected. Minspy makes sure of that by only syncing with the iCloud when you access your account. So, if anyone manages to access your account illegally, they will not find anything.

Minspy can track all iOS devices with version 7.0 and above. Before kick-starting the tracking process, you need to make sure that the phone’s two-step verification is disabled. Next, the iCloud syncing should be turned on.

Now, here are quick steps on how to track the iPhone without an application.

Part 2: How to track iPhone Using Minspy Solution

What You Need

  1. The targeted iPhone’s iCloud login details
  2. Internet connection
  3. A valid email address

Steps to Start Tracking without App

Step 1: Sign up for an account on Minspy’s website using your email address and a password. Next, choose the bitten Apple and proceed to pay for the plan that suits your tracking objectives.

How it’s Possible to Track an iPhone without App 2

Step 2: After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the receipt, log in details, and the setup guidelines. Once you see it, log into your account and verify the iPhone’s iCloud ID. Select the phone the target is using and wait for the syncing to complete.

Step 3: Once it’s over, the control panel will pop up with the phone’s summary. The left part will have the features you need.

To track the phone’s location, use the ‘Locations’ link on the menu to see the whole map.

For restrictions and fencing, use the Geofencing option.

How it’s Possible to Track an iPhone without App 3

Part 3: Reasons why Minspy works to track iPhone without App

Many solutions have tried this, but there is always a compromise. On the other hand, Minspy does it like a breakfast routine. Once you start tracking with it, here is what you will realize:

  • Silent operation: There is no installation or jailbreaking involved. So, the app will track the iPhone remotely, but the target will never have a clue.
  • Fast setup: It will take you less than five minutes to register an account and verify the iCloud ID.
  • Real-time tracking: The information you get in your account is updated as soon as changes happen on the victim’s phone.
  • Reliable: Minspy does not occupy any space in the iPhone since it uses the iCloud. Also, it does not drain the battery when fetching the details.
  • Remote uninstallation: If you want to stop tracking the iPhone, you can do it via your account. Minspy has a one-click uninstallation button on the control panel for that.
  • Budget-friendly prices: Minspy is readily affordable to those who need it. It also offers features that surpass what you pay for.


Now, you know that it’s possible to track an iPhone without app. It only requires a reputable application that can track the iPhone via iCloud. Since it’s now vulnerable, you only need to feed the right authentication details on Minspy’s website after registration.

You should always be wary of applications that claim to track for free. Those are the solutions that will not offer you anything apart from malware. That’s the last thing you want to introduce to your target unknowingly.

For any questions about Minspy or remote iPhone tracking, we are here to answer them all. Just leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.