7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

Tracking somebody’s cell phone can be essential for various reasons. You may want to trace your/someone’s lost device’s location to find it. Also, your companion could be out on a business trip, but still, you want confirmation whether that’s true.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

Apart from that, you could be owning a company with a few employees and need to check their movements. Monitoring your employee’s gadgets can be helpful since it ensures they stick to their posts and attend their duties.

The best way to solve such scenarios is by tracking someone by their cell phone number. It would be best if you chose an amicable phone spy solution for flawless surveillance. Our seven best apps to track someone by cell phone number works like magic.

Part 1: Spyier – Top-of-the-Line Cell Phone Tracker

These days, phone monitoring shouldn’t be challenging as you don’t have to draw in a third-party consultant. If you have a spy app such as Spyier, you can track a smartphone out there from your phone or PC.

Over a million people from 190+ countries use Spyier because it’s straightforward, easy, reliable, and 100% discreet. The app updates you with the live location of your target’s phone without them noticing. You can also see all the other places that they previously visited.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 1

Besides, you can use Spyier’s distinct Geofencing feature to impose movement restrictions. It allows you to set boundaries of the restricted area for your victim. This way, you get alerted each time they are in the unwanted zones.

Spyier has incredible capabilities that have made it recognized across the globe. Even big media outlets such as Life Hacker and Android Authority have featured it severally for its exclusive elements.

You can take advantage of Spyier’s 30+ features to track someone’s cell phone undetected. It provides full access to your target’s phone activities, so you get all needed info to examine their actions correctly.

Spyier is compatible with both iOS and Android variants. In iOS, Spyier works using the iCloud feature, so no app download or installation is needed. You don’t have to be an expert since there’s no jailbreaking. All you need is the victim’s iCloud ID.

For Android, you need brief physical access to the victim’s device once. That allows you to download and install Spyier’s 2MB app. The process is quick, taking less than 5 minutes since no rooting is required. 

After installation, activate stealth mode for Spyier to operate silently in the background. That way, you will hide the app’s icon and remain undetectable. When spying is over, use the single click uninstallation button on your dashboard to get rid of the app remotely.

Spyier is entirely internet-based and comes with an automatic, user-friendly interface that can be accessed using any web browser. It makes phone spying easy by allowing remote location tracking.

One can use Spyier to track someone by cell phone number to find their GPS location. Besides, you can use it to analyze call logs, read messages, monitor social media sites, view shared media files, etc.

The coolest part about Spyier is that it has strict privacy and security policies. Spyier doesn’t store your/victim’s information on its servers. Instead, it syncs all results to give you real-time updates. This way, not even Spyier’s tech experts can retrieve your data once you log out.

How to Use Spyier to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

Step 1: Go to Spyier’s website and register an account using your email address as your username.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 2

Step 2: Choose your targeted device OS then proceed to pay for a subscription plan.

Step 3: Use the sent instructions via email to configure Spyier automatically.

2(a) In iOS, enter the victim’s iCloud credentials for verification then wait for it to sync.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 3

2(b) For Android, download and install Spyier’s app using the sent link. As you wind up installing the app, remember to activate stealth mode.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 4

Step 3: Once the configuration is complete, hit the “start” button to access the control panel and view the targeted phone summary.

To track the phone, use the location feature in the menu to view the map and locations.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 5

Part 2: Track Someone’s by Cell Phone Number Using Minspy

Minspy monitoring solution is among the best phone spy apps in the world. It allows you to track someone’s device and expose critical data like location, messages, calls, etc. The app works in iOS 7.0 or higher and Android 4.0 to the latest.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 6

Part 3: Monitor Someone’s Movements with Spyine

As one of the top phone spy solution, Spyine is reliable and trustworthy. You can use it to spy on any modern smartphone or tablet. The application has unique features that allow you to track someone without them knowing.

Part 4: Spyic – One of the Best Phone Tracking Solution

Use Spyic to spy on somebody else cell phone without being detected. You can monitor all activities happening on their phone even as they are using the device. Spyic ensures your data and privacy is protected all the time.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 7

Part 5: Spy on Someone’s Device Using Neatspy

Another pioneering brand in the phone spying industry is Neatspy tracking solution. The powerful phone tracker helps you find a lost phone or monitor someone’s movement without any experience.

7 Best Apps to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number 8

Part 6: Use ClickFree to Track Someone’s Phone Remotely

ClckFree is a popular phone surveillance app that’s capable of monitoring any modern-day smartphone and tablets. It offers you periodic monitoring updates that you can access at any time using any web browser.

Part 7: Track Someone’s Device Conveniently with Spyzie

Spyzie is a leading monitoring solution that’s used by millions across the globe. Use Spyzie to track someone by their cell phone number without being caught. The app is compatible with both iOS 7.0 or later and Android phones 4.0 or higher.


The above seven phone tracking solutions allow you to track someone by cell phone number secretly and without special skills. We recommend that you start with Spyier and have a feel of how these spy apps work.