How Google Alerts Can Grow Your Small Business

How Google Alerts Can Grow Your Small Business
Google Alerts

Running a business can be a tedious process, especially if you’re just starting out and have no experience running one. Nonetheless, there are various ways of running a business successfully, even for a newbie who has never been involved in one.

There are hacks, things to do and a long list of other assistance that a business owner can easily get. One of such hacks to help a business grow is Google Alerts. If you are looking to grow your business, offline and online, then Google Alerts is one of the best options to consider. 

What is Google Alerts? 

Google Alerts is one of the very many products that Google offers various categories of users around the world. It is a content detection tech that allows “subscribers” to follow/ monitor selected terms. Easily, you can be notified of new content, articles or pages on your terms as soon as they are posted on the internet. Even advantageously, Google Alerts is free to use.

To use Google Alerts, first you have to set up your Google account and select terms you’ll like to monitor. After having set up your Google Alerts, you can use it to grow your business quite easily. To do so, here are some ways through which you can use Google Alerts.

1. To keep track of mentions

Google Alerts allows you keep track of mentions. Do you want to know when your business or product is mentioned? Use Google alert. Even with it, you can follow reviews of your products. Whether your business’ name is mentioned with or without back link, you get to know when it is mentioned.  A good or bad review with a mention of your business, you have it! This way you can visit the sites easily to view them and take the necessary steps as deemed fit. When you are quite responsive, you get to build your business and create even more awareness.

2.    Know your competitors

When you have Google Alerts set to track mentions of your products and your competitors, you not only know more about what they are doing, but also you get to know when they make unfavorable compares with your products. 

3.    Learn

As a small business that is just starting out, it is pertinent that you also leave out the space to learn and grow. Google Alerts allows you to do this easily. It’s like subscribing to many favorite authors via a channel. You get to be updated on what bigger businesses are doing and learn from that to grow yours.

4.    Follow trends in your business line

Are you afraid that you are behind your counterparts in the business? or you just want to be updated on what people are doing and how. Then you should be making use of Google Alerts to track that. When you subscribe, you know the trends and follow it without much ado. There’s a conference or training for businesses who deal in your products? You’re already on it! 

Do not forget that a number of other competitors could be using Google Alerts too; nonetheless it shouldn’t deter you from making the best use of it to grow your business.