Everything you should know about Google Classroom

Everything You Need To Know About Google Classroom

Another one of Google’s products that has been created for the convenience of users is the Google Classroom. However, this time the application is quite selective as it is focused on helping the student-teacher relationship.

Do you need an application that allows communicating easily with your student, giving out homework, assignments and receiving feedback, creating schedules and even storing important records massively? Then you should definitely consider using the Google Classroom app.

Here’s everything you should know about Google Classroom

– It has an application which can be downloaded easily on Play Store. Simply search “Google Classroom” on Play Store and it will be sure to pop up. You can also click here to open the app on Play Store.

– The application can easily be downloaded for both users of Android and iOS, therefore, no limitation to device use.

– It’s free! Yes, to download the app or even make use of it, you do not have to pay any money at all. There are no hidden charges and no charges to be expected in the long run.

– The application connects and is integrated with other Google apps. For communication, Gmail is activated for use. Google Drive is for assignment storage, creation and distribution. Google Calendar allows you to create and adjust your schedule, while the Docs, Sheet and Slide are used for typing and editing as required.

– A school can sign up on Google Classroom with G Suite, this way it is easy to bring in all teachers and students.

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– Every individual on the Google Classroom is expected to have a unique ID/ mail.

– To join a classroom after creation by the teacher, all that is needed to have the students on board is to share the link with them or by entering a unique class code that is auto generated when a Class is created. With that, an interactive environment can be created.

Join class in Google classrom

– For the teacher, grading is made easy with Google Suite. This way you can share templates, edit documents and help students improve.

– Thinking classes and assignments will become all jumbled up? No, the platform allows teachers to create courses which will help keep focus.  At the end of each course, they can simply be archived.

– Teachers can make announcements on the platform, so that all students will be able to see it and comment.

– The teacher has the coordination power to assign work, receive them, remove students and share easily

– The Google Classroom app is not limited to a teacher, co-teachers can be added who also can coordinate

– You can also have other learning add-ons integrated into the application. Apps for solving mathematics or reading can be integrated, if there’s a need.

Concerned about privacy? Or afraid that Google might be snooping around? Not to worry, the terms include the fact that none of your information will be accessed or used for advertisement or other things. So, the classroom is pretty safe, locked and secure.

For a teacher/ student looking to move from the traditional classroom, Google classroom is one of the best options to consider. Of course, there are a number of alternative apps that can also be used if Google Classroom isn’t on your list.