Free Websites where you can create Android Apps

Android Apps
Android Apps

You are probably looking for where to make a cool Android App for your Blog or just for fun. Congratulations as you have come to the right place. I am going to provide the top best free websites where you can create the Android Apps you have so much wanted.

There are so many free Applications on the Android Play Store. And that is one of the reasons why the Android Interface has attracted so many users. when you have cool apps and you do not have to pay for most of them, it is natural that you see an influx of people rushing in to enjoy this juicy offer. Now, maybe you want to utilize the Android audience to your own advantage by creating a mobile App where people can reach your business faster. There are Free Online platforms where you can visit for this and many other reasons.


Adromo App creator

Andromo is an online platform that help you create your own Android mobile App from scratch without you necessarily having any knowledge of how Android App development works.

This Android App Maker platform offers video tutorials on how you can go about making a good Android App on the Website. You are given the total freedom on how you want to make your App looks. You can choose your template of choice and change colors where necessary.

Also, Adromo allows you to add pictures, videos, Maps, Music, Books e.t.c. You can imagine how creative you can be with Adromo. On top of it all, Adromo is a Free Website where you can create Android Apps.

Visit Adromo to create your first App

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AppYet home page
AppYet Website homepage

This is a free, no-coding-required online platform where you can create your Android mobile App from the scratch with no previous coding skills. Within few minutes, you can have your professional Android App on AppYet. It is easy to use and straight-forward.

The website allow users to include YouTube, Twitter, Papatalk e.t.c. Now if you ask me,I’d say those are cool ways to generate revenues from your Android App. For beginners, it also supports HTML5, thus, you can still play around with a few codes if you know your way around them.

Visit AppYet now

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Apps Geyser

Apps Geyser user dashboard
Apps Geyser

This is a popular free website where you can create Android Apps. This Website offers over 70 templates you can choose for your Android App, depending on the purpose, taste and audience.

Apps Geyser also gives tutorial on periodicals. App Geyser is a really cool Android App maker that brings out the creativity in you. It is focused on providing resources that can make you earn more on your Android App. Apps Geyser is a free website where you can create Android Apps.

Visit Apps Geyser to create App for free now


AppyPie Landing page view
AppyPie Homepage

This free online Android App maker creates native App that give users push notifications. Not only that, it also utilizes App analytics by gaining access to user data and activities, thereby learning about better ways to improve you Android App.

AppyPie also needs no coding skills to use. It is a drag and drop platform where you can create the Android App of your choice. I think you would rather go for this Website that does not only offer free platform for making Free Android Applications, but also provide update of your App without requesting for re-submission on your part.

Visit AppyPie to create your first App

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Apps Bar

Apps Bar
Apps Bar

Once you create a user account on Apps Bar website, you would be eligible to create your Android App for free.

On this website, you can select the type of Android App you want to build. It also offer free tutorials where you can learn how to use the platform better. So, you don’t have to be clueless. Everything is ready-made. No need for any coding skills. Just sign up and start making your Android App

Visit Apps Bar to start making Android Apps

Creating Android Apps is no longer a problem. But you have to know the right Websites to visit. I am sure you are now confidence with this new information at your grasp. Check out any of those free websites where you can create Android Apps and create your Android mobile App in a jiffy. Do not forget to share your experience via the comment box.