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Almost all users on the Android platform knows about Play Store and how relevant it is on Android devices. though, the set of people that buys from the Chinese market would have a different story to tell. Play Store is not supported on phones released for the Chinese population. This could seem weird to other users around the world. But yes, that is the reality. Thus, the question of what are the alternative app store available for these smartphones arises.

In line with that, I have decided to discuss the free App stores where you can download free Android Apps for the benefit of those using smartphones not supported by Google Play Store and those who do but still want to explore the alternatives.

Free Websites where you can create Android Apps

Best Playstore alternatives for Android smartphones

Amazon Appstore

Amazon App Store
Amazon App Store

The Amazon Appstore poses a great competition against Google Play Store. It is stocked with great Android Apps. Though, it is specifically developed to be a centre where users would get Amazon products from, it has also been serving as a general App store a large number of Android users.

This Appstore is reliable in the sense that Apps downloaded from website are well developed and does not. If you are another Android user bored of using the Play Store, You should try out the Amazon App store for a change.

Download Amazon Appstore

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F-Droid App store

Though this App has been around for a while, it is still one of the best free App stores for Android in recent times. F-Droid is a trusted App store for Android users. one thing that attract most users to this App store is its simple yet nice interface. It is easy to download from. need I say more?  Download this open source App store to your phone to escape from the tempo set by the traditional Google Play store.

Download F-Droid

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APKMirror webpage

This is an excellent alternative when it comes to free App store for Android. Though this is a web-based App store, contrary to the other Stores that has mobile application versions. You can only download Apps here via your browser. It is totally free of charge and the only thing you need to get an app downloaded from this website is your data.

Though, you should take note of the fact that this App store does not provide secondary update for the Apps downloaded. You are still going to depend on other App stores for the secondary updates. Besides that, it is an okay place to download your Android App. Also, if you are in need of an older version of an App, APKMirror is the place to visit.

Visit APKMirror

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Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps store page on a samasung device
Samsung Galaxy App Store

This App store was specifically developed for Samsung users only. However, it is a fitting addition on our list because it is not only an App store that stocks Android apps, it also make up for the Chinese users where Play Store cannot. Galaxy App store is a hub for amazing apps you can download on your Android device(s).

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Download Samsung Galaxy Apps

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Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile store
Opera Mobile Store

This App store boasts of over 100 million active users with over one million downloads every day. It definitely has to be on the list while handpicking the best free App store for Android users. Opera Mobile Store is reliable and trusted. Try this App store and you might be probably hooked to the lota of amazing applications waiting to be downloaded there.

Download Opera Mobile Store.

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Above all-

Besides smartphones released for the Chinese market, Google Play Store is the official App store for Android users. But if you feel the need to escape from the traditional Google Play Store, then you are free to explore from the list provided in this article. Do remember to share your experience after download.