Advanced and lesser known tips on Call of Duty: Warzone

It’s been some time since COD Warzone has been out in the world, and the gamers have already learned many tricks. However, there’s always the possibility for improvement, and there is no end to the learning process.

The pro gamers have dug out some of the advanced Warzone techniques that can be used to your advantage. You can always refer to the  Warzone hacks to better yourself in the game. But for now let’s take a look at the list of progressive and lesser-known hacks listed below and use them to your advancement.

Heartbeat sensor catches gamers with ghost Perks

The Call of Duty: Warzone provides you so many opportunities to collect intel on the opponents’ positions and move. BPLAs need in-game money and persist for a brief period, but one can have a free and ever-active resolution with the Heartbeat Sensor. This small pad gives you the information on whether there are players around and puts them on the radar.

Vehicles are visible on the map

This is a simple thing to acquire since seeing the vehicle images on the map is one of the first substantial pieces of information you take while beginning the game. Even though many players are of the opinion that this characteristic turns the game too easy, it undoubtedly aids in concentrating on the game instead of desperately looking for a car.

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If you further refine the presence of vehicles permanently on the map, you will come across some essential and advanced information out of that. After learning about the most famous locations, you can be conscious of vehicles that are placed in unexpected places.

It is possible to stand on a moving vehicle

At times, you might see a two-seater like the quad-bike when your team of three members is running. This condition signifies that only two of you can get on the vehicle, but that is not true. All three of you can get on the bike since one can stand constant on any moving bike.

If you or your two other team members choose to stand on the bike simply, they won’t fall off in any condition. These involve jumping from steep cliffs and doing dizzying movements.

Square Mini-Map Reveals Added Area

When a player begins to look at minimap more frequently, it signifies that he or she is becoming a better gamer. It is a very helpful tool as the mini-map helps in keeping an eye on your team member’s locations and situations.

Furthermore, the map in Warzone provides so much extra information, and reading this map is the way to gain victory in the game. You even have the option to select between a round mini-map and a square map.

No climbing on the rocks

Even though the options of movement in Call of Duty is not very flowing, it is still rather fun and fast. Nonetheless, there are a few barriers that are difficult to understand. In this game, you can bounce over fences, walls, and other hindrances but not rocks. They are totally not available for any interaction.

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At any time while a match is going on, one should always keep in mind that they can’t climb rocks. You can cross the tiny ones, but in common, you can’t overcome a wall of rocks even though you might feel you can.

Recon Contract Shows The Next Circle On Conclusion

Finishing the Contracts spread across Verdansk in Warzone is a great way to enhance the entire action and make the game more interesting. Moreover, after finishing the contracts, you will get in-game money and loot.

Scavenger deal can give great loot

Another great deal is the Scavenger contract. It is all about discovering various loot boxes. Hence, you will not only earn the cash on finishing but also get some guns. That is not all. The best part about this particular contract is that you can be rewarded with legendary loot.

Other than that, after you have finished any contract, the next one will pay you with an extra pile of cash, which increases every time. In different words, if you regularly receive contracts and complete them successfully, your squad has to never run out of money.


Following these advanced warzone tricks and techniques will surely help you to polish your gaming skills. Make sure to practice them consistently as you gain maximum benefits. For more details, stay connected to us. If you have any queries, comment below.