Yoghurt Handwriting Font Free Downloads

Yoghurt Handwriting Font Free Downloads. the yogurt font has a thick design designed as a handwriting. Additionally, the special style of yoghurt is to host the Ottoman calligraphy. In pamphlets, you can create special single or more word highlights in advertisements with the yogurt font. Characters supported by the yoghurt font support special characters from Latin, northern Europe and Turkey.

What Is Yogurt?

The word is stemmed from Turkish: yoğurt, and is usually connected to the verb yoğurmak, “to knead”, or “to get curdled or coagulated; to thicken”. It may be associated with yoğun, meaning thick or dense. The sound ğ was traditionally rendered as “gh” in transliterations of Turkish from around 1615– 1625. In modern Turkish the letter ğ marks a diaeresis between two vowels, without being pronounced itself, which is reflected in some languages’ versions of the word (e.g. Greek γιαούρτι giaoúrti, French yaourt, Romanian iaurt).

In English, the several variations of the spelling of the word include yogurt, yoghurt, and to a lesser extent yoghourt or yogourt.

Yoghurt Handwriting Font

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Yoghurt Handwriting Font Free Downloads

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