Why Google Forms is better than native form builders

Google forms

Creating a web form is one thing, getting people to sign up with it is another. Although many people may not like it, creating and filling-out forms are almost a part of our everyday life (on the internet). It’s either you’re updating your Facebook status, posting a blog post/comment, posting on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Whether you want to open an account, register for an event or even make a request, it is usually done through one type of form or the other. To make the ‘form filling’ process easier and less tedious is why creators must ensure they use the best option available.

There are quite a number of form builders available for any creator, however, each one differs from the next because of their components and ease of use. Here’s

Why Google Forms is better than your Native form builder

It can be edited to choice

Unlike many other native form builders, using the Google form allows you to tweak and edit to choice without having any coding knowledge. You can add and remove as you want at various times without hassle. 

Allows use of Add-ons

Unlike some other native builders which were built for a purpose only, the Google form allows you to have add-ons when making use of it. This way, you can integrate Excel or some other apps with it whenever you need it.

Automatic Save

Have you been creating a form, only to leave for a few minutes, come back and it’s nowhere to be found? Again Google Form beats native form builders as it allows you to save. It saves your form and any other changes made to the form till you complete it. Even after you finish, you still have the opportunity to tweak it. Additionally, not only does it save the form,it also saves the reply such that they can be edited and used for further processing.

Lots of customization options

How would you like your audience to answer a question? Using Drop down, a check box or even filling out there own answers? Google form’s got you  covered with a variety of options to choose from. It’s even got boxes for short and long answer.


For Google Form Builder, you can easily get templates of various types that will help make your creation very easy. You do not have to rack your brain before you come up with the idea of the questions to ask or what to include and what not to include.

Ease of use

How easily do you find it to fill forms embedded in websites? Not so easy right? Especially when you are making use of your phone and the page keeps moving around on it’s own. So why not just opt for Google Forms which allows you to have the website on a page. With Google Forms, you have ease which helps your audience to be able to fill their forms easily.

Native form builders also have their advantages regardless, but if you want the best option for you and your audience, Google Forms will be a better alternative to the native form types which comes with pages.