Why Digital Billboards Are Great For Your Gadgets Store

For just about every business establishment, advertising is one of the most effective ways to make people and prospective customers (or consumers) aware of the products and services you offer. It doesn’t matter if it is digital promotion, or offline advertising, the result is almost the same. But with the whole world tilting towards the use of digital technology in all spheres of human endeavor, your business deserves a shift in that direction too.

Why Digital Billboards Are Great For Your Gadgets Store 1

If you run a gadgets store, getting more and increased sales is basically one of your primary targets and you cannot achieve this without creating ‘effective’ and ‘efficient’ public awareness. When you have new devices in stock for instance, there has to be an easy way for existing customers and people passing by your store to know about such new products. In this article, I’ve hand-picked a few reasons why you should consider using digital billboards (indoor video wall, or digital displays) in your gadgets store or shop.

  • Easily showcase new products
  • Makes your store clean and focused
  • Generate additional income from Ads
  • Keep-up with technological advancement
  • Can be used for illustrative and educational purposes
    • Is it effective?

Easy advertising/showcase of new products

Say you have new smartphones from different brands like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Google Pixel and Apple. With a video wall digital display, you can easily make slides of these new devices to notify new and existing customers of the availability of the products. This kind of showcase might attract someone who has intentions to buy one of the displayed smartphone, but wasn’t sure whether the device was available for purchase at your store.

Using printed banners and wallpaper stickers may not be as effective because they’re static, and not so eye-catchy (since it’s obviously motionless). Also, banners easily wear off. And when the product displayed in the banner becomes dated or newer products arrive, you need to print new banners to replace them. But with digital displays, you only need to make new slides to replace (or add to) existing ones.

Makes your store clean and focused

With conventional banners, you have to apply glue or use pins to stick papers up your wall. And if there are many banners to display, then your wall will just be covered entirely, or in patches and this doesn’t look very good. LCD/LED video wall display makes everything more organized, attractive and very professional.

Digital displays also add to the aesthetic value of the store. We all know that sales is basically the goal of every business, and you need to attract customers to your store to make the sales. Video wall displays are very ‘attention-grabbing’, eye-catchy and adds to the beauty of your store. Since there are different floating photos (slides) of your products on digital display, it tends to retain viewer attention. It also conveys the feeling of an entertaining store, and could keep the customer coming back to patronize you- if your service is actually a good one. (Digital displays don’t ‘make’ the sale, they just facilitate it).

Can be used to generate additional income from Ads

If you’re open to running advertisements or promotions for other nearby stores (obviously not for competitors), video wall displays can help you generate some extra money. In most countries though, you might be legally required to register with a corporate body to do this, or register your digital billboard for commercial advertising. Your other stores that offer different products and services can also be displayed to help you improve sales across your other businesses.

Why Digital Billboards Are Great For Your Gadgets Store 2

Helps you keep-up with technological advancement

Like I already mentioned, video wall displays add to the aesthetic value of your store. You wouldn’t want your gadgets store looking like one from the early 2000s, while competitors are introducing new tech and equipping their store to look even better and attract more customers. It will only be a while before they ‘steal your thunder’ and finally kick you out of business, or leave you struggling to survive.

Can be used for illustrative and educational purposes

In a smartphone repair shop for instance, you can use indoor digital billboards to teach your customers how certain hardware and software faults are caused to their phones and how to maneuver some of them, or totally prevent others. This also shows that you care about your customers and you’re really out to help them, not just about the money they pay you.

If you’re unsure or wondering about the effectiveness of digital billboards in the growth of your business, a study published by MixedMedia reveals that ‘travelers are impressed with digital billboards’ immediacy and ability to communicate timely, relevant information, with 70 percent agreeing the medium provides current and important information’. Well, right this second, I believe you know what this could mean for your business.