Wear OS: Everything you should know

Image of a hand wearing Android smart watch
Android smart watch

It is no longer news that Google has taken smartness to wrist watches. And have done some real progress as they have incorporated smartness to this essential accessory. But it is not only Google on the field contributing to the development of smart watches. Apple Inc. and the likes are also present on the scene. Therefore, it is very necessary that you can differentiate what an Android smart watch is from others.

About Wear OS by Google

Image; wear OS is the new rave in town
Wear OS

Wear OS which was initially called Android Wear is a model of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables. Like the name, Google has developed over the years and it is good to apprise users and potential users of what is and what is nots of Google Android smart watch.

Android wear Specifications and Review


Wear OS uses Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 which is developed for Android smart watches. Snapdragon Wear 3100 has a commendable memory speed of about 400MHz which makes a super good option for Android smart watches

Image; wear OS is the new rave in town
Google’s Android smart watch


Though it depends on the brand producing the android smart watch, but a typical Android smart watch is powered with a 500MB RAM and 4GB storage space which is quite okay for a smart watch. Enough to ensure your smart watch does not slow down unnecessary. And a storage space that allow you to save a tangible amount of data on your smartwatch.


Wear OS is the upgrade of Android War by Google
Wear OS watches; Photo credits:Fossil

Android smart watches uses an OLED display medium to display contents. This enables Wear OS to show better information in its interface.

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Wear OS variants

Wear OS is the upgrade of Android War by Google
Android watch; Photo credit: Androiding

It is a known fact that google has developed over the years. And their wearable platform is not left aside. The followings are the upgrades in Wear OS and their added features

Wear OS 1.0

Released in March 2018, this is the first transformations from Android wear. All previous versions were left alone while Google start with Wear OS 1.0 with Android base version 7.1.1/8.0.0

Wear OS 1.1/1.3

Developed between April and June 2018, there is no major improvement on the previously released version 1.1

Wear OS 1.4

Android smart watches counts walking steps
Android smart watch

The operating system for smart watches was further developed to perform better than the previous versions. With improvement in the in-built Google play app, and a better designed interface for events and appointments update. Also, the time zone bug in the previous version was improved upon in this new version. Wear OS version1.4 was a major leap in the development history of the Android smart watch OS.

Wear OS 1.5 / 1.6

Like versions 1.1 to 1.3, there is no major development just bug fixes and some little changes. This was released between August and September 2018.

Wear OS 1.7

This upgrade was released in October 2018. It improved on the previous fonts issue by providing more legible and bolder fonts.

Waer OS has been further upgraded in Jan., 2019

Wear OS 2.0

Google paved way for better Android smart watch to come with their improved version 2.0 of the Wear OS. This version introduced Google assistant to Wear OS which helps to carry out commands with voice input. It comes with a better improved interface for notifications flow and Music control with physical buttons.

Wear OS 2.2

This was released on Android Oreo in November 2018. This upgrade comes with battery saver that helps elongate your battery life either manually set by you or automatically set by the watch once your battery drops below 10%. Your application process also got better with Wear OS, users are now able to resume on their apps from where they left off. Unlike in the previous versions that apps are terminate once minimized.

Android smart watches are fun to use
Tic Watch Pro

Another improvement worthy of notice in this Version is the introduction of Android 9.0 Pie to smartwatches. Also, another of the new features that came with version 2.2 is the sleep mode after moments of inactivity which conserve battery to a good degree.

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Wear OS 2.3

Wear OS 2.3 is the latest software update for Android smart watches. Released in January 2019, users can now update their OS through the Google Play store. This is a good development as it will enable users to stay tunes to the latest software irrespective of their device.

an Image of the screen on the OS update.
Update on Wear OS

What you can do with Android Smart Watches

Have you always had the opinion that a Smart watch is basically used for checking time? it is rather a tech attached to your wrist and there are a lot of things to utilize smart watches for which includes-

  • Connecting it to Smartphones (Android and iOS) through Bluetooth and other wireless connections.
an image of two devices being connected
Connecting Smart watch with an Android device
  • Setting reminders and getting notifications
  • You can also download applications besides the native apps that comes with the Android smart watch
  • Google Assistant allows you to respond your messages using your voice. Therefore you no longer have to go through the stress of typing your messages.
you can even maintain your body weight wuth Google Android smart watches
Smart watch with fitness tracker
  • It is also useful as a fitness tracker and can also use be used as a heart monitor and pedometer

You can also locate places using your smartwatch.

Smartwatch showing Google assisant
Smartwatch showing Google assisant

Other Android Smartwatch suggestions

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Huawei Watch 2

Above all:- Android Smart watches are the raves of the moment. You can pick your choice from the various available Android smartwatches on the market.  Or pick from our recommendations above. I expect your questions and feedback (if any) in the comment section.

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