Under $100 dollar smartphones

When purchasing a new smartphone, one of the important things to consider is price. Price (aside other factors) goes a long way in determining the type of phone you buy. Phones can be basically classified to three types according to their price;

  • High-end phones
  • Medium – range phones
  • Low – end phones

The kind of smartphone you buy depends on your budget. However, with good advice, you can end up paying cheap for a really good smartphone. Thus, this article is meant to guide you on how to get a really good smartphone under the $100 price tag. On the long run, you should be able to buy some cool smartphone with less cash at hand.

Best low budget smartphones

Smartphones under $100 dollars
Smartphones under $100

Many of the cheap smartphones are either running old software or refurbished. Which means unsuspecting individuals to fall victim of such low-performing products. However, in this article, I have come up with the best cheap smartphone you can buy at less than $100 dollars.

Nokia 2

Nokia (one of the best smartphone brands) has surprisingly produced the top of our list on smartphones under the $100 budget.  With this low budget smartphone, you can get almost the same experience with the same person using the high-end/medium range smartphone.

Nokia 1 smartphone
Nokia 2

Nokia 2 features

DisplayNokia 2 has a 5 – inch screen of 720 HD
CameraA rear 8MP and 5MP front camera
ProcessorQualcomm snapdragon
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Where to buy Nokia 2

Amazon – $99.00 | Jumia NG – N36,800 | Konga – N25,500

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Alcatel 1X

This is one of Alcatel’s best smartphone. Though on the outside, the design rather look dull, it is still one of the best smartphones you can buy cheap. It has a 5.3  screen smartphone with a fingerprint sensor for maximum security.

Alcatel 1X image
Alcatel 1X


Camera rear 8MP and 5MP front camera
Operating system Android 8.1 Oreo
Processor Quad-core
Storage 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM
Battery capacity 2500mAh


Alcatel 1X is very good and one of the few reliable smartphones within the price range of below $100. You can enjoy the normal smartphone features while paying for less. The 2GB RAM should be able to withstand app processing pressures on the phone provided you are not a heavy user. Having 16GB storage at that price is rare also. Therefore, Alcatel 1X is a substantial smartphone under the range of under $100 smartphones.

Where to buy Alcatel 1X

Amazon – $91.93

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Moto E5

Moto E5 is the phone to get, if you need a medium standard smartphone with a taste of what you could get in the high-ends. You do not need to spend much before you can get a Moto E5.

Moto E5 is unlocked for any GSM carries, making it useful in almost every part of the world. If you do not mind using a smartphone without a fingerprint sensor, then Moto E5 should be attractive to you.

Moto E5 image
Moto E5 smartphone

Moto E5 features

Operating systemAndroid 8.0 Oreo
Storage It is a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM (Expendable)
 Processor  Quad core
Battery 2500mAh (replaceable)
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Moto E5 is suitable for you if you don’t mind the sophistication of other smartphones. you can be rest assured that Moto E5’s performance on the basis of average.

Where to buy Moto E5

Amazon – $69.99

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Moto E5 Play

Moto E5 Play
Moto E5 Play

Another Moto product on the list. It is somewhat costlier than the normal E5 and this is so because of the additional that comes with.

Moto E5 Play features

  • wide range of network/carrier support
  • fingerprint sensor
  • Medium battery strength


This supports more carriers than the ordinary Moto E5. Therefore, it gives you a little edge over the Moto E5 users. you can just check it out today.

Where to buy Moto E5 Play

 Amazon – $97.47 | Konga – N47,500

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Huawei Y5 Prime

Huawei Y5 Prime
Huawei Y5 Prime

This is another one of the best smartphones below $100. Huawei Y5 Prime was manufactured by the Huawei smartphone brand in 2017. It comes with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB RAM. It also has 5 – inch display with 720 x 1440 pixels screen resolution.

Huawei Y5 Prime features

Battery  3020mAh
Storage16GB ROM
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 Oreo
Camera8MP; 5MP


Huawei Y5 prime affords a relatively strong battery for a phone sold that cheap. It is one of the few under $100 smartphones that you derive the satisfaction of having spent your money on something worthwhile.

Where to buy Huawei Y5 Prime

Amazon – $93.99

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So, what is your choice?!

Now that I have given you few of the best smartphones under $100 price, I hope you will now be able to try one or two of the device to see which suits your needs. I am sure you would have some experience to share afterwards, so do not hesitate to share with us in the comment box below.