Two awesome websites that provide free live chat services

Two awesome websites that provide free live chat services 1Adding a live chat functionality to your blog will go a long way in sustaining your blog readers. Some visitors find it difficult using the comment system, unless they have a choking problem. Besides, what if your blog visitor has some other question that is entirely not related to your blog post, or a suggestion, and needs your immediate response? 

Also, live chat system helps to turn your website visitors into customers. On their initial visit to your blog, they’re your visitors. If they happen to engage in a fruitful conversation with you, they’ll always return to your blog for something. They become your customers.

Lets get to know these sites already… 😉

  • Mylivechat : This is actually the one I so much love and its currently in use on this blog. It has a Windows, Android and iOS app from which you can chat with your visitors/clients without stress. It also has a web console. Above all, it is absolutely free! But there is an option to upgrade to a professional version which has some extra cool features compared to the free version. But the free version rocks!

  • Two awesome websites that provide free live chat services Tawk is a free online messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. Tawk is just awesome, you have to be logged in to your dashboard on their website in order to display your online status on your blog widget. It also has Windows, iOS and Android applications, and the web console. It does have cool features!

Do you know about others? please share with us…

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