Top five (5) Screen Recorders for iOS

Top five (5) Screen Recorders for iOS 1

The function of screen readers on smartphones is quite getting important as days get past. Not only can you use screen recorders to capture game moments on your phone, other functions like creating tutorial and YouTube videos with screen recorders has made it one of the most favorite smartphone apps. The importance of screen recorders cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, we are going to point out the top 5 screen recorders for iOS as we have done for the Android OS in this article.  

These apps are rated according to their features, user-friendliness and their relevance.

Best Screen Recorders for iPhones and iPad

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TechSmith Recorder

Top five (5) Screen Recorders for iOS 2
TechSmith recorder

This is a powerful iOS screen recorder for iPhone and iPad users. Though currently works on iOS 11, TechSmith combines global recording APIs that enables users to record full screen video clips.

TechSmith Recorder is best used for recording tutorials, presentations, video calls, and game sessions on your iOS gadgets. In addition to this, TechSmith provides technical support in form of notification features that allow to get the best out of the screen recorder for iOS.

You can also import the videos you made with TechSmith and transfer your videos easily through Wi-fi to either Camtasia or Snagit

Top five (5) Screen Recorders for iOS 3

Download TechSmith from App Store

DU Recorder

DU is a reputable screen recorder on iOS
DU recorder for iOS

DU Recorder is a great screen recording App for iOS. It creates smooth and clear videos of high quality. When going for a screen recorder app for iOS, reliability is of great essence and DU Recorder is not short on this. Another advantage that comes with using DU Recorder is its ability to record endlessly with no time limit.

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Upon all these great features, DU Recorder is free and provides good user experience. In case you are searching for the best screen recorder for iOS, DU Recorder would be a good choice.

DU recorder is one of the best screen recording apps you can find.
DU recorder for iOS

Download DU Recorder from App Store.

Record It

Record It records maximumly
Record It

The Record It App comes with a two-step guide that walks new users through the basics of using it. It utilizes the iOS 11 global screen recording API to record full screen, high quality videos. Record It comes with video editing tools that enables you to trim recorded videos. You can also share recorded videos on Airdrop or export to mail with no difficulties.

Record It is another awesome screen recorder on the iOS platform and one of the best you can come across.

Top five (5) Screen Recorders for iOS 4
Record it app

Download Record It from App Store.

iOS Screen Recorder

iOS screen recorder is one of the top screen recorder for iOS
iOS screen recorder

iOS Screen Recorder is one of the Screen Recorders for iOS gadgets. Apart from recording your game sessions, YouTube tutorials, video calls and other screen recording purposes, it also serve cast your screen so that you can view it on other iOS gadgets like iPad, iPhone and PC. It also makes it possible for users to share videos between devices.

It works on all iOS devices which makes it quite different from all other screen recorders for iOS.

iOS screen recorder is one of the top screen recorder for iOS

Download iOS Screen Recorder from App Store.


Top five (5) Screen Recorders for iOS 5

This is a screen recording app that was created by This app is one of the best screen recording App on iOS because of its many desirable features like utilizing little processing power, produces high quality videos, its ability to cover the complete screen and its allowance for external audio devices in case of unnecessary noise and lot more.

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These qualities are rare to find together in a screen recorder but Airshou screen recorder made it look like it’s the norm. You would surely want to try Airshou out, be rest assured that you will not be disappointed

Air Shou is one of the best screen recorders for iOS
Air Shou

Download Airshou for iOS