Top 5 Apps that make Teamwork easier

Working as a team can sometimes be tougher than working alone. This is because working as a team requires a lot of management and effective group work. Unlike working alone, no one can make any decision on his own without first consulting other members of the team. At times, this is bad because eventually, time gets wasted and agreement is not reached on time.     

However, irrespective of the disadvantages that comes with group work, there are a lot of other advantage that follows it. One learns; gets to connect with other people; discuss and above all ideas are shared and exchanged.

So to make working as a group easier and faster, there are specific work apps that can be used.

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Apps that ease teamwork


5 Top apps to Make Team Work Easier - Slack

What comes to mind when Slack is mentioned? Work right? Exactly, it’s an application for work and not only personal work, but group work. On Slack, you can have channel of various types where every member is able to contribute their ideas. Also, on Slack, you can share files with your colleagues with ease. There are also various add on which you can link up with Slack to enjoy it optimally. Want to know why it’s a personal favorite? Because it doesn’t distract. Unlike other social platforms, I can fully concentrate while using Slack.

Download Slack iTunes | Play Store

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5 Top apps to Make Team Work Easier -dropbox

Another favorite top app to make team work easier is the Dropbox. Just like the name implies, the app is available for every member who access to check out documents “dropped” with ease, sharing of files or some other sort of plan is quite easy with the Drop box app.  It’s just like a letter box!

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5 Top apps to Make Team Work Easier -gotomeeting

What happens if members of a team are not together in the same location? Then GoToMeeting online! With this app, team work just got easier again! Easily, you can create a conference “round the table” video call for every member of the team. You don’t have to worry or stress yourself out with having to carry information from one person to the other. Everyone gets to meet and of course, attend the meeting without hitch.

Download GoToMeeting ITunes| PlayStore

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5 Top apps to Make Team Work Easier -asana

Are you in charge of a managing a team? Such that you have to assign works to them, give them deadline and then review the project afterwards. Well, doing that conventionally can be hard, therefore the best alternative is to use an app. Yes! There is an app that can help you check out projects assigned while it is going on, comment on it and know what stage of development it is.  The app to make team work easier is Asana. It does all of that and much more,

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5 Top apps to Make Team Work Easier -zoho

Another app which happens to be a favorite app to make team work easier is the Zoho. Talk about a name that covers it all, then is should be Zoho. There is the Zoho mail to manage emails and communicate with the organization. There is the Zoho Writer for notes and for works. The Zoho Finance Suite for the management of finance. The Zoho phone Bridge, the Zoho campaign Integration and many others all fall under Zoho.          

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Download Zoho iTunes | Play Store

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You can now enjoy team work with one or more of these apps, you don’t have to be restrained about the type of information you share with your partner. Enjoy team work when you have the top apps to make team work easier.