Top 5 Android Apps For Couples

There are Android app for almost everything, in today’s world. No matter what the task is, there is always an app to help you out. Whether it is an educational app or a theft tracker, you can find all sorts of the app on Google Playstore, the official app store for Android phones, tablets and just about an device that runs Android OS.

Speaking of Android apps, you can find many creative apps for couples in Google Playstore. If you are looking for a such apps, then you can check the list below to find few of the best collection. You can even download and install these apps on your phone, tablet and also on some Huawei cell phones which in recent times do not support Google Playstore in some markets, for free.

Top 5 Android Apps For Couples 1
photo credit: Mashable

Apps Designed For Couples

Here are some of the best apps that are developed for couples. Check out the details of each app in the post below.

  • Kindu – Download from playstore

Our first app is Kindu which gives you romantic ideas to make your relationship interesting. This is a creative app as you won’t find more similar apps like this one. To start using the app, you need to first sign-up. The app features a very basic design. You can choose any of the romantic ideas you like and use it with your partner. The app will ask you a few questions in the beginning based on which it will fetch you the ideas.

  • Desire – Download from playstore

This is a couples game app that can be downloaded for free. The app allows you to send a dare to your partner and he/she in return will dare you too. With the help of this app, you can make your relationship more spicy and exciting. The app provides you with different categories to choose from such as outdoor, love sensations, dress code, fantasy, role play, etc.

  • D-Day

This app will prove to be useful for men who often forget important dates in their relationship. If you want to save yourself from your partner’s wrath, then you should download this app on your phone now. This app helps you to keep track of important dates in your relationship. This is a very light app and therefore, won’t occupy much space in your phone memory. All you have to do is enter the correct dates in the beginning, so that it can track your dates properly.

  • Been Together – Download from playstore

This app is a bit similar to the one listed above. It allows you to track the number of days you guys have been in a relationship. This app is popularly used by committed people and married couples. You can download it too, to keep track of your relationship days.

  • Between – Download from playstore

Lastly, we have Between which is a social network app for couples. This app is loved by the users because of its unique features. The app is easy to use. You can change the colour schemes, wallpapers, and do much more in this app. It also offers you a private online archive where you can store the best moments of your life.

So these are some of the creative apps you can use with your partner to spice things up. These apps are specially designed for romantic couples who want to make their relationships more interesting.