The cheaper version of iPhones, iPhone XR, now on sale

The cheaper version of iPhones, iPhone XR, now on sale 1

Ahead of it’s release on October 26th, the cheapest version of iPhones, iPhone XR is now on sale and can be ordered directly from Apple or any other carrier.

iPhone XR has been delayed from entering the market despite it’s launch with the premium iPhone XS at the company’s event last month. The delay was to enable the company produce more of it without having problems with the supply.

The phone is the more affordable version of iPhones with its size in-between that of XS and XS max but with the lowest price range.

The design is likely the same with both phones but has a less expensive body parts like having an aluminium instead of the shiny steel around the edges of these phones. It also has different range of colours.

Apart from having an improved camera and beefed up A12 bionic processor, iPhone XR shares almost the same features with other expensive iPhones. Although, it lacks most features in other iPhones like having an LCD screen instead of the richer OLED screen on XS and one back camera instead of two.

The phone will start sale at a price of $749 in the US and the same price in Pounds and Euros, while the company prepares it’s coming events where it will unveil a new iPad Pro and it’s Macs.