[Solved] Cannot connect to camera on Android devices

[Solved] Cannot connect to camera on Android devices 1
If you get ‘cannot connect to camera’ error while trying to use your device camera, it could be as a result of some issues like:

  1. More than one camera app is running in the background
  2. Default camera app is faulty and
  3. It could be a hardware fault (not actually a fault, like a fault, but its a fault actually, like it or not, and we are going to fix that right here)
Option 1: If you have more than one camera app installed, disable  or force-close such apps (Settings > Apps ) select the app and close it. Clear the app data if necessary. Then try running your camera app. If it fails, reboot and try again. If it fails again, skip to option two.
Option 2: Download the stock camera app of your device and reinstall like every other app. This should replace the exiting one. Or flash your device with a fresh firmware file.. If the error continues…
Option 3: The hardware solution
Find a way to open the back of device. If its a china android device, easier for you. You wont have to start loosing out screws.
  • First, power off your device
  • Find a way to gain access to the board by opening the back
  • Look for something like the one highlighted in the red, in the below image
[Solved] Cannot connect to camera on Android devices 2
  • Press it down gently (to avoid breaking your screen)
  • If necessary, attach a small piece of paper to hold it down very firm before you close the back of the device
  • After this, power up your device, clear camera app data from Settings > App > All apps.
  • Launch camera app from menu
  • And it should be working already!
But if it doesn’t…you need to take the device to a repair for proper fixing.
Hope this helps you!

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