Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 Manual / User Guide

Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 User Manual & Review— Quantum technology applied in the form of Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG). This very fast random number generator produces that can not be forecasted perfectly. It originates from a quantum source and is provided at the speed needed for commercial applications, to ensure the strongest level of file encryption.

After releasing the Galaxy series under the name Quantum last year, Samsung launched another second-generation dubbed Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2.

As a chipset supplier partner with QNRG above is Qualcomm. This time the company– which is progressively difficult to match as a mobile processor company– handed out Snapdragon 855 . The chipset architecture is really easy, with 4 core clustering. QRNG security system is what is striking and makes the rate high.

The Galaxy A Quantum generation likewise provides processors with QNRG. It’s still made by Samsung through its Exynos chip. The cost has actually also been high like a $600 class smart device.

This indicates that in order to maintain the security of the device and data, it costs twice as much. Just take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 that utilizes Android 11 with 3 primary cams (64 MP, 12 MP, and 5 MP) and a 10 MP selfie video camera.

The Galaxy Quantum 2 also only features a 4,500 mAh battery. For storage, this phone is supported by 128 MB of memory with 6 GB of RAM. A 6.7-inch screen made from AMOLED product.