Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520) firmware (Unbrick/Repair)

Un-bricking, upgrading and/or repairing software faults on your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520) can easily be done using this official firmware.

This is a four file (AP, BL, CP and CSC) repair firmware with which you can unbrick your smartphone and/or fix other software faults on the device.

This firmware fixes software issues like:-

  • Un-brick bricked devices
  • Fix apps force closing
  • Device getting stuck during use, or lagging
  • Fix stuck on boot logo
  • Fix boot loop
  • Remove custom recovery (e.g, TWRP)
  • Remove root and restore default system files
  • Help upgrade/ update Android version to latest security patch
  • And just any software related faults

Before downloading any firmware for your Samsung device, check and confirm that the firmware is meant for your exact device model. This is necessary to avoid downloading the wrong file, causing your device to brick.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Download Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520) firmware

SM-A520K Link
A520KKKU3CSA2_A520KKTC3CSA2_KTC_8.0 Download | Download
A520KKKU2CRG1_A520KKTC2CRG1_KTC_8.0 Download | Download
A520KKKU1BQH2_A520KKTC1BQH2_KTC_N Download | Download
SM-A520S Link
A520SKSU3CSA2_A520SSKC3CSA2_SKC_8.0 Download | Download
A520SKSU2CRG1_A520SSKC2CRG1_SKC_8.0 Download | Download
A520SKSU1BQH2_A520SSKC1BQH2_SKC_N Download | Download
SM-A520L Link
A520LKLU3CSA2_A520LLUC3CSA2_LUC_8.0 Download | Download
A520LKLU2CRG1_A520LLUC2CRG1_LUC_8.0 Download | Download
A520LKLU1BQH2_A520LLUC1BQH2_LUC_N Download | Download
SM-A520W Link
A520WVLS7CSD1_A520WOYA7CSD1_XAC_8.0 Download | Download
A520WVLS6CSC1_A520WOYA6CSC1_XAC_8.0 Download | Download
A520WVLS5CRI1_A520WOYA5CRI1_XAC_8.0 Download | Download
SM-A520F Link
A520FXXU9CSD2_A520FOLB9CSD2_XXV_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU8CSC1_A520FOLB8CSC1_XXV_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU7CRHA_A520FOLB7CRHA_XXV_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU6CRH3_A520FUUB6CRH1_COO_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU5CRGB_A520FOLB5CRF8_XXV_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXS5CRG5_A520FODD5CRG5_INS_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU4CRD6_A520FOLB4CRD7_XXV_8.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU4BRB1_A520FOLB4BRB1_XXV_7.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU4BRA8_A520FOLB3BRA8_XXV_7.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU3BQLA_A520FOLB3BQLA_XXV_7.0 Download | Download
A520FXXU2BQH4_A520FOXE2BQG7_SER_7.0 Download | Download

How to flash Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520) via Odin

Note: Backup all important data (messages, contacts, app data, settings, etc) as these might be erased once flashing is successful.

Charge your phone to at least 50% before you proceed with the flashing instructions below. Read and follow all steps carefully, especially if you are not very experienced in flashing Samsung devices.

  • Download and install Samsung official USB driver on your computer. (Skip step if already installed)
  • Download and extract (unzip) the firmware file
  • Download Odin Tool
  • Extract the contents of Odin ZIP file
  • Run/Launch Odin.exe
  • Reboot Phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
  • Connect device to Computer via USB cable and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
  • Select/ add the four firmware files extracted in step one.
    • For instance, BL is the bootloader file- click BL in Odin and select that file. In the same way, click AP, CP, and CSC select the files accordingly. See below screenshot
Samsung Odin
  • Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
  • Click the start button and wait few minutes for the flashing process to begin and complete
  • Once flashing is complete, disconnect device and boot normally.