Reasons to consider using mobile apps for writing

In today’s world, mobile devices (tablets & smartphones specifically) have become such huge part of our everyday life that we do almost everything with it, and on it. From communicating and keeping in touch with family and friends, to doing business, and their use in academic activities by students. However, while we indulge in social activities on our smartphones, we also have to keep up with other day to day engagements- most of which are responsible for paying the bills.

If you work online as an internet marketer, blogger, freelancer, or engaged in any other form of online writing, there are certain applications you should have on your mobile phone or tablet that will make your job a whole lot easier. These apps are not just useful to only professional writer services, but also to students in college and other levels of education. The apps we recommend in this article are based on experiences from our use of such apps, and how they have helped improve our overall writing experience and reduced workload.

There are so many reasons why you should consider using mobile apps for your essay writing, academic papers, blog writing, or freelance writing. Some of the reasons include-

  1. Speed and ease of taking notes
  2. Cloud storage
  3. Multitask capability
  4. Document sharing and collaboration
  5. Ease of use and convenience
  6. Writing apps to explore

Speed and ease of note-taking

Some ideas easily fade from our mind if we do not write them down as soon as we get them. These transient thoughts and ideas might be just the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, and the slightest delay in putting it in writing might cost you a lot. But if you have easy-to-access note-taking apps, like Google Keep or Notepad- note app reminder, you only need to write these ideas down fast enough so you won’t have to worry about forgetting. And most importantly, you do this on-the-go.

Cloud storage and access

In recent times, data loss is easy. But apps like Google Keep makes sure that no matter what happens to the data on your smart phone (like malware and virus infection, unintentional data wipe, or lost/missing phone), you can still access your notes across any other device with internet surfing capability. This is possible because any new note created using the app, or even the smallest modification you make to existing notes is updated (synced) in the cloud and is visible in real-time on your other devices. If you’re a college student and have written your essay or paper using your home computer, this will be useful to you if you wish to make urgent modification or update your work while you’re away, or at school.

Multi-task capability

Research is the bedrock of almost every form of writing. With your smart phone or tablet, you can research while writing your essay and college paper or other article via the multi-tasking feature in your mobile phone. Android Operating System (for one), over the years has improved on its multitasking feature- introducing screen-splitting. This makes it easy for you to use two apps at the same time, side by side (or top/down). You can be researching on your browser and writing on your favourite note-taking app, without having to use app switcher or check recently opened apps. It’s also possible to play certain games, or use social apps while you write.

Document sharing and co-authorship

Using Google Docs app (iOS/Android) or Microsoft Office (iOS/Android), you can add more authors to help you work on your article or document. Whether they have the permission to edit or contribute ideas to your essay or paper, depends on the kind of permission you assign to these collaborators. And sharing documents only takes a few taps on your smart phone or tablet. The document sharing feature and ability to add more authors to your document makes it easy, in case you decide to seek help from a legit professional writer service to assist with your college paper writing, essay or other articles as per your requirement.

Ease of use and inconvenience of carrying more than one gadget

When attending a social event or just hanging out with friends, you don’t bring your laptop to such places. Regardless the inconvenience of a carrying a laptop to an evening hangout, you’re not that ‘workaholic’, or are you now?! When these fast and transient ideas come ‘flying around’, your smart phone is your go-to guy.

These are only a few reasons why it’s recommended that you consider using mobile apps for any form of writing. Other reasons can include ease of formatting your document, both offline and online; fast typing and note-taking, since you could use your smart phone in just about anywhere you find yourself- and many more reasons you can come up with by just reading through the points mentioned here and examining them in real life situations.

To help you further improve your overall writing skill and efficiency, some of the best apps for writing- that even professional writers use, include:-

Grammarly Keyboard: as the name implies, it’s a keyboard app that replaces your smart phone or tablet default keyboard. It goes a step ahead to offer even more advanced features and functions you won’t find on your conventional keyboard. Like checking grammatical errors and suggesting corrections, suggest synonyms, and helps you use the correct word in the correct sentence.

Google Docs, Drive, and Keep: the combination of these three (3) apps will make your writing experience a very relaxing, smooth and focused one. You can write, collaborate with other authors attached to the same document you’re working on, and easily sync your work across your other internet enabled devices.

Werdsmith: for iPhone and iPad users, this is one of the best apps for writing articles, stories, and every other form of writing. Hanx Writer is also a good alternative of Werdsmith. It all boils down to your choice and personal preferences in either of the apps.

There are many other writing apps out there for both Android, iOS and Windows devices. If you have anyone you feel is worth the mention, or one you’d love to share with us, feel free to leave a message down on our comment section.