Professionals in hard drive & data recovery

In this technological age, information and its security are at its peak. This being the case safeguarding it is prioritized by individuals as well as companies.

Punch cards were the first technological advancement in the world of data storage, and in the 1960s we saw the introduction of magnetic storage system which slowly replaced the punch card. With time the evolution of computers, as well as data storage, have led to advancements where one is able to store data in their very own hard drives confidently in their personal computers.

Long gone are the days where one would use floppy disks to store information. These advancements have enabled us to be able to access information wherever we are at ease and increased the ways by which data can be stored.

Even with these advancements, data can still be lost in various ways. The most common mode of data loss is by accidental erasing the information during editing or even a simple slip of finger where one presses the delete button accidentally.

Since the beginning of the technological age, there have been ways people have used to recover lost data from their drives. The most basic way to recover files lost from a hard drive was usually going to the recycle bin and restore the files. This method was found to be very helpful but there are cases where one may permanently delete a document and it cannot even be traced in the recycle bin. This calamity has befallen a large number of people leaving them clueless on what to do next. However, a solution to the matter has now been found. Advancement in data recovering software have come to save us all and aid in solving this problem.

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Data recovery software is now available and has come at a timely moment where loss of data was becoming too severe. The software that has come to solve this great problem is known as EaseUS.

Professionals in hard drive & data recovery 1
EaseUS Data Recovery Software

It is a free data recovery software which helps the user restore any files that may have been previously thought to be lost for good. The software recovers data from damaged hard drives, portable hard drives as well as internal hard drives that may have suffered damage at the hands of viruses. The software is easy to use and only requires a few steps after which all your deleted files are retrieved within an instance.

The user interface is simple and quick to understand. The first step in the recovery of the data with Easeus is going to the specific hard drive where the data lost was previously stored. After selecting the drive you then scan it. This enables the software to create an index of all the files that have been previously deleted in that specific hard drive.

The best part is that it has a search bar that allows you to type the name of the file you wish to recover as well as filter the files in terms of type if you cannot easily identify it. After you find it, you then select it and press the recover icon which then gives you a short description of the location where the restored file is located. The user needs to store the restored files in a different hard drive from that which it has been recovered from.

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After that step, the file is successfully restored and saved in the chosen location in a matter of seconds. By following these simple steps you can easily retrieve lost data which was previously thought to have disappeared for good.

There are however variously recommended precautions when you want to use the recovery software. The first is to ensure you do not install the software in the same drive that the lost file was last located. The second is to ensure that the drive you choose to restore the files in is intact.