Neffos C5 Official Firmware Update

In order to restore your phone to its default (stock) state, you require to re-flash its main firmware.

Flashing your phone’s firmware can assist you eliminate mistakes like: apps force closing, ruined settings, gadget ending up being really sluggish and delayed throughout usage, eliminate screen security and lots more. These you can do by factory resetting your phone, then upgrade through OTA or manual sdcard upgrade.

For advanced problems like getting rid of root, un-bricking difficult or soft bricked phone, and so on, you require to flash the phone firmware from a PC utilizing the recommended flashtool.

The firmware upgrade bundle in this post is suggested particularly for Neffos C5. You need to just utilize it for this phone to prevent ruining your phone’s software. If you require main firmware for a various phone, please utilize the search choice here to discover it.

See collection of Neffos mobile phones main firmware upgrade here.

Download the firmware upgrade from the link listed below and follow flashing guidelines after the download. Please, do not be reluctant to report damaged links or ask other concerns you may have in the remarks area down below.

Download Alternatives

Build Link Size
C5_TP701 C _ H10 S102 D03 B20170313 R1018 Download 945 MB
C5_TP701 B _ H10 S102 D02 B20170328 R1019 Download 961 MB
C5_TP701 A _ H10 S103 D01 B20170301 R1039 Download 945 MB
C5_TP701 E _ H10 S102 D05 B20160727 R1008 Download 821 MB

Neffos SDcard Upgrade Guide

  1. Download and copy the upgrade bundle (i.e., C5_TP701 E _ H10 S102 D05 B20160727 R1008 zip) to your sdcard.
  2. Press and hold the power button to shut off the phone and after that place the SD card.
  3. Press and hold the Power button and Volume-up button at the exact same time to go into the “No command” page.
Hold volume up and power button
Hold volume-up and power

4. On the “No command” page, very first press and hold the Power button and after that fast press the Volume-up button to get in the healing page.

Neffos No command screen
Neffos No command screen

5. On the healing page, utilize the Volume-up/down secret to choose the “Apply upgrade from SD card”

Use volume buttons to navigate
Neffos stock healing
select apply update from sdcard
Apply upgrade from sdcard

6. After verifying, push the Power button to get in the “Pick a bundle to set up” page.

Choose the package to install
Select downloaded sdcard upgrade

7. In the SD card, utilize the Volume-up/down secret to choose the total upgrade bundle “xx_update. zip” file. After validating, push the Power button to start setup of the upgrade.

Wait for the sdcard installation to complete
Sdcard upgrade setup total

8. When the setup is total, choose “Reboot system now” to reboot the phone or “Power off” to close down and leave the healing page. Which’s all, upgrade finished!