Must have Animation Apps for Android in 2020

These days there are many different applications for animating images, and some of the best are available on your Android smartphone! If you find it hard to strike a balance between your work and free time when you have a lot of animation projects on the go, these apps might be the best for you. Using these apps, you can get professional results from your own phone.

Moreover, if you’re not a professional animator and simply interested in creating animations, these apps can help you get started!

Animation apps you should have

Animate It

Animate It is a free app available on all Android systems after Lollipop. You can use it to create captivating characters, skeleton, props and enhance the background of videos. It’s easy enough to use with an engaging interface and cropping and editing features.

Animate Me!

A simple, easy to use application that can help release your animating talent and creativity! Main features include intuitive controls and workflow, 3 cartoon characters to animate, and ways to make these characters walk, run, jump, and talk. There are even video tutorials with step by step instructions. This is the perfect app to get started with animating, and when you have finished your animation, you can easily upload it onto YouTube to share it! – Download from Playstore

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic is an animation app with a difference – you create real cartoon stories! Toontastic 3D gives you three templates for creating a cartoon. You can choose from Short, which consists of three episodes, classic of five and Science report which focuses on scientific topics. Once you’ve chosen one, you can start creating your story. First you choose the setting – a spy center, a camp in the woods, the bottom of the sea, an alien planet, a school, pirate ship and many more. Then you choose a character or draw one yourself.

Then you press the start button and can move your characters around on locations, adding voices for what happens on screen. Press the red stop button when you are done, save the episode, and start creating the next one. Before you know it, you’ll have a full cartoon!

Toontastic 3D is an excellent choice as it’s bright, colourful and well designed. Adults and children will love this animation app! – Download from Play Store

PicsArt Animator

For those looking for a frame-by-frame animation app, this one’s for you. It’s an easy to use program that can see an inexperienced animator become a pro in no time! You can add photographs and create animated selfies, use advanced drawing tools, include multiple layers, control the length and speed of the animation and of course save the animation as a GIF to share. Download from Play Store


A fully equipped drawing application that gives you all the animation tools you could ever want or need to draw frame-by-frame animations on your smartphone or Android device.

If you’re a more experienced animator and looking to create sketches, small stories or anything else, this is the app for you. You have all the necessary tools, layers and a blank canvas to begin with. The app also supports digital pens and of course, includes animation. Download from Play store

Draw Cartoons 2

A very easy to use application that caters for children and adults alike who want to create their own cartoons. Even a kid can come to grips with this app! There’s a clear interface that makes the animation process easy and fun.

Rather than drawing frame by frame, you create a smooth animation on this app, which includes a built-in library of objects and characters. You can construct objects from templates or from scratch and add music or voice files. You can then export the cartoon in mp4 format! You have all the necessary parts to create your very own animation. Download from Play store

Animation Desk

Finally, another app for professional animators out there – this app features an interface very similar to that of a professional animating program, complete with each frame on the animation table. You have all the necessary tools to create and draw, and you can then share your work. Download from playstore

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