LG G6 official KDZ firmware

With this LG G6 KDZ firmware you can conveniently flash as well as recover your phone to its default factory state. The firmware will certainly remove root, virus, un-brick, and fix your device if it’s stuck on boot logo design. If your phone lags, after flashing it should be better.

Additionally, you need to take into consideration making a backup of your existing firmware, as well as all various other vital data on your phone. Flashing will entirely eliminate your phone. You need to only flash your gadget if you really recognize what you’re doing. To stay clear of ruining your tool, or transforming it right into a brick.

It’s additionally vital that your gadget is charged up to at least 30% so the procedure is not disrupted as a result of closure.

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Build Firmware Size
H87315 c _00 _ OPEN_CA_OP _1026 Download 2 GB
H87310 b _00 _ OPEN_CA_OP _0322 Download 3.7 GB
H870 DS
H870 DS10 b _00 _ OPEN_HK_DS_OP _0406 Download 2.9 GB
H870 DS10 c _00 _ OPEN_HK_DS_OP _0426 Download 2.9 GB
H870 DS10 c _00 _ OPEN_SG_DS_OP _0426 Download 3 GB
H870 DS10 d _00 _ OPEN_CIS_DS_OP _0418 Download 2.9 GB
H87210 e _00 _0322 Download 2.6 GB
H87210 h _00 _0427 Download 2.6 GB
United States997
US99711 a _04 _0322 Download 2.6 GB
H87010 d _00 _ OPEN_EU_OP _0327 Download 2.9 GB
H87010 f _00 _ OPEN_EU_OP _0417 Download 2.9 GB
VS98811 A _04 _0406 _ ARB00 Download 2.9 GB
G600 L20 c _00 _0411 Download 2.5 GB

How to flash LG KDZ firmware

After downloading and install main firmware for your LG G6 smart device from the link( s) above, the following guidelines will lead through the blinking procedure.

Please adhere to all steps properly, to avoid ‘eliminating’ your phone.

  • First, download LG UP 1.14 or LG UP 1.16 flashtool to your Computer
  • Now shut off your tool and go into Download mode
  • Press as well as hold the Volume Up secret, after that link USB cable television.
  • Open LG UP tool, choose “ Upgrade” as well as pick your KDZ data (the file you currently downloaded here).
  • Finally click “ Start
  • Wait for the procedure to start and also complete without disruption
  • Your device will certainly reboot on conclusion, then you can detach it from the COMPUTER.

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