Infinix Zero 3 (X552) Official Firmware + OTA Update

The files here are all official Infinix Zero 3 (X552) flashtool (factory) firmware and Tcard update for variants A1, B1, E1, and F1. Instructions to help you flash or install either the Tcard update or flashtool firmware is available after the download links.

There are different builds of SDcard (Tcard) update and flashtool firmware in this post, so refer to your phone’s About section to help select a suitable firmware for the particular phone variant.

If you notice that any of the links provided below is broken or doesn’t work, please post in comments section so we fix and update it ASAP.

Download Options

Flashtool Firmware
Build / Version Download Link
X552-H952A1-M-170426V52 Download
X552-H952B1-M-170426V87 Download
X552-H952E1-M-170426V27 Download
X552-H952F1-M-170426V52 Download
How to flash

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SDcard Update
Build Download Link
X552-H952A1-M-170426V52 -Tcard_update Download
X552-H952B1-M-Tcard_ update_170426V87 Download
X552-H952E1-M-Tcard_ update_170426V27 Download
X552-H952F1-M-Tcard_ update_170426V52 Download

How to flash Tcard update

Once you’ve downloaded the TCard (or SDcard) firmware update, read instructions below to flash:

1. Download and put the update package in sdcard

2. Insert the sdcard into the phone

3. Go to A-Z->”System Update” then select “Update from local”

4. Select the update package from sdcard and wait while the update begins.


  • Copy the package to your phone’s storage
  • Reboot the phone in recovery mode
  • Select Install from SD as shown below
  • Select the exact drive where you copied the firmware to (internal / external sdcard)
  • Choose the file
  • Confirm
  • Flash, and wait for the process to complete
  • Done

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