How & Where to Get Your Custom Phone Case Made

custom phone cases showing pictures of people

Adding a personal feel to your smartphone in form of custom cases is not something everybody knows how to go about. Whether it is mere curiosity or having seen a friend using a custom phone case and you also got interested; leading to your searching for how to get one on the internet. You have come the right way. The how and where questions shall be answered right in this article.

The main reason behind making your own custom phone case is so that you specify the design and outlook of your smartphone case. There are Phone case making companies online that gives customers the chance to specify what their smartphone case should look like. Customers of such companies are usually given the chance to upload personal pictures or write their names (or other text) on the custom phone case. Afterwards, the phone case would be manufactured according to the specifications of the buyer.

Where to Make Custom Smartphone Cases

There are online platforms where you can make your personal, custom case. They are often normal phone case companies that seek to give their buyers opportunity and freedom to design their own phone case with pictures, wallpapers and or text. Such online platforms where you can create custom phone case include;


Casetify custom case samples

This is an online phone case making company that gives the buyer the chance to specify the design of their smartphone case.  It is one of the best websites you can make your custom case.

How to make Custom Case on Casetify

You can make your own custom case by visiting the casetify website and filling the box where specifics about your phone and the style you want is being asked.  On casetify, you have the choice to choose out of a wide range of phone case types. They offer Glitter Case, Reflective Mirror Case, Neon case, Custom DTLA amongst others.

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Choose any of these styles that goes with your taste. Then pick colors and add text (If need be).

Price: $35+

Excluding shipping cost which is usually free

Make your custom case on Casetify

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Case Company

Case company

This is another online company where you can make your personalized custom phone case. Case Company designs custom case for different products ranging from smartphone to tablets and the likes.

How to make custom case on Case Company

You can make a custom case on the website by clicking your product type say a smartphone for the purpose of this article.  Then, select your phone brand. Every other thing is about personalization and how you want your custom case to look like.

Case company sample case

Price: £18.70 – £23.39

Make a custom case on Case Company.

Go Customized

Go customized case sample

Here is another online platform where you can design your own custom case and have it delivered to your doorstep. Go customized is not only based on customizing phone cases, they also offer customers a series of personified pillowcases, cups, apparels and the likes. Go customized is a good choice for the customization of your phone case.

How to Customize using Go Customize

The process is quite the same as the others. You only need to visit their website and choose the products your want to buy custom case for and click the ‘Design Now’ button after the page must have loaded, then you can add your picture and other customizable details. Go Customize provides reliable custom cases that would last you for a long time. So it is a good bus stop if you are looking for where to make your custom case.

Price ranges from $24.99 to $29.99 depending on the product  and quality.

Make your own custom case on GoCustomize

OJ Exclusive

Custom case by OJ-Exclusive

This website uses quality material to make custom phone cases which has been specified according to personal taste by buyers.  The company should be one of the first website to consider while trying to buy your custom phone case. They are more versatile in the case making business. OJ-Exclusive produces stylish, impact-resistant phone cases that give complete protection. Isn’t that awesome?

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How to make Custom case on OJ-Exclusive

Upon visiting the website,  you would be shown different styles you can adapt to your custom phone case. They are focusing on providing valuable custom case for iPhone XS users. With options to choose from gold materials and platinum materials to make your custom case.  Also, you can engrave stones and even logos to your phone case with the resources on this website

However,  getting a custom case from OJ-Exclusive is quite expensive because and the price is usually on request.

Price: On request

Make your custom on Oj-Exclusive


custom case sample for EGOsketch
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

You can also create your own phone case at EGOsketch and order it to your doorstep at the same time. This company is one of the leading companies providing Custom Phone Case for customers. They are reliable and gives quality mobile custom phone case.

Buyers are able to upload their picture for the customization of their custom phone case on the company’s website. It is a good place to have your custom phone case done.

Price: $13.75 to $21.95

Make your phone case on EGOsketch

Custom Envy

Custom Envy quality custom cases for a fair price, with lifetime warranty. They have a user-friendly customization tool on their website that customers can use to design their personalized phone cases. Choose from a vast array of phone models from Apple, Samsung, and Google (Pixel), and get the option to select between a sleek and slim case and extra protective case to create your custom phone casing.

How to Make a Custom Case on Custom Envy

Once on Custom Envy website, choose your phone model and case. You’ll be redirected to their customization tool, where you will need to pick a layout for your design. After selecting a layout, upload images that you want to use in your design and customize as needed. Once you’re done, submit your design, pay for your order, and wait for your case to arrive!

Price: $23.99 to $29.99

Make your custom case on Custom Envy


You no longer have to think that making a custom phone case is something difficult. Rather, you should follow the given instructions to make your custom case from the provided websites which are topmost on the custom phone case making business. It is a fashion statement that everyone needs to make. Do not be deterred by the process because it is really simple once you get on it.