How to root and install TWRP on ZTE Blade V10

To install TWRP and root your ZTE Blade V10 smartphone you need to first unlock the bootloader. Bootloader unlocking process usually erases all data on your device, so, it is advised that you backup all valuable data before embarking on this process. Also, if you’re on this page it means you already know the risks involved in rooting and modifying your device’s system files, proceed with caution.

As already mentioned, before you can flash TWRP on your ZTE Blade v10 and successfully root it, you need to first unlock the bootloader. To do this, follow the instructions below:

How to unlock ZTE Blade v10 bootloader

  • Download and install ADB/fastboot on your PC
  • Turn on developer options menu by tapping on your device build number several times until a notification pops up telling you ‘you’re now a developer
  • Go back and access developer options, enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging.
  • Now, connect your smartphone to PC via USB cable while it’s still turned on
  • Launch command prompt and execute the following commands, one after the other
adb devices
  • The above code should return a response like the one shown in the screenshot below. If it returns only ‘List of devices attached‘, then you might be having a driver related issue. Download and install PDANet+, then reboot PC and retry this step.
ADB devices

Now continue with the following commands:

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices
fastboot oem unlock

Once you run this command, your phone might display a message asking you to confirm that you really want to unlock your bootloader. Use volume and power buttons to select and approve the request. If such message doesn’t show up, don’t worry- your device will proceed with the unlock process and completely erase your device. Do not forget to backup all valuable data.

Now you have successfully unlocked the device bootloader. Read on to learn how to flash TWRP and root your ZTE blade v10 smartphone.

How to install TWRP and root ZTE Blade v10

To root your smartphone, download the following files then proceed with the instructions afterwards.

File Link
ZTE Blade v10 TWRP Download
Decoder (DisableForceEncryption) Download
Magisk Download

Once you have download the files above, copy magisk zip file and to the root of your phone storage. You can also copy to an OTG flash drive or choose the sideload the two files.

To flash TWRP, run the commands below after connecting your phone to PC, while it’s turned on-

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Ensure to rename the downloaded TWRP-3.3.1_Blade_V10_.img to twrp.img, or some other file name that is easier to key-in the command line.

ZTE Blade v10 TWRP

Immediately after flashing TWRP, do not reboot the phone to system just yet. If you do, the stock recovery will overwrite TWRP. What you do is to reboot immediately back to TWRP. To do that, run the command below and before you hit the enter key on your PC, press and hold volume down on your phone. This will boot the device straight to TWRP.

fastboot continue
  • Once in TWRP you’d be asked to enter your password, feel free to cancel it.
  • Now go to format menu and format data partition
  • Reboot TWRP
  • Flash from either the internal storage, sideload, or USB drive
  • Flash, then reboot your phone to system.
  • Done, your ZTE Blade v10 is not bootloader unlocked, TWRP installed, and rooted.

Feel to download any root checker app from play store (or other source) to confirm the root access.

Also, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in comments section below.