How to get better and win in Apex Legends

If you are a fan of Battle Royale games, there’s no chance that you haven’t heard about Apex Legends. It’s one of the hottest games in the Battle Royale arena and is moving up the rankings rapidly. Mastering it takes a bit of time, which is true for almost every battle royal game. But you can get a lot better than most– if you work on certain areas and practice consistently.  

How to get better and win in Apex Legends 1

Here are some advanced and rare tips on how to get a win in Apex Legends: 

  • Ping some items in the death box of your foes
  • Learn to drop faster
  • Ping the locations of your enemy when you are downed
  • Break open doors
  • Modified Melee moves

Ping some items in the death box of your foes

The Ping system of Apex Legends is quite unique and can be of great advantage if you use it well. You can ping nearby loot and the locations of your enemies. Pinging ammo and other collectibles is very crucial as there is no way to tell the loot allied players have. Loot the downed player, and take whatever you want. 

But also ping for your squad mates to have a look if there’s something of their interest in it. You never know when just an item of equipment can be the deciding factor in the game outcome. 

Learn to drop faster

Your survival rate in the game will largely depend upon the quality loot. It’s not only heartbreaking to drop at an area where all the rare loot is gone and you are left with some light rounds, but also a ticket to an early death. This can be avoided if you land at prized locations, faster than others. 

This can be simply done by adjusting your gliding down direction. Instead of pinging the location and gliding down diagonally, drop straight down to build enough speed. Say about 145. Then pull back up and drop again to gain more speed. Keep an eye on the speedometer to check your speed. This rare method will help you reach faster than most and ensure you blow up their heads even before they start collecting. 

Ping the locations of your enemy when you are downed

If someone takes you out, which is pretty common in Apex Legends, try to stick and help out your squad. You can be their eyes when they fight in the battleground by pinging your enemies’ location and telling them about enemies’ movements. 

Monitor the enemies and notify your teammates to save them from a fatal attack. Do not stay there, when you are downed. Quickly move to an area with some cover and navigate back to where your squad is. Pump your teammates up with exclusive information about their foes. 

Break open doors

Many squads like to camp down in storage rooms and huts. This makes it challenging to loot. Death boxes and downed players can also obstruct doors, making them difficult to access. Now some ways can help players breach the doors no matter how much secured or tight it is. 

A few melee hits or a frag grenade at its foot is enough to blow the door open, also taking out any player hiding behind it. These two ways have a downside though, they can make a huge noise alerting many squads. So only use it if you want to rush and force a firefight. 

Modified Melee moves

When you land in the most popular zones, finding a gun is rather tricky. And you are likely to go down if you stand in the middle surrounded by armed enemies. But you can outsmart your opponents by mixing up your melee moves. If you use the standard melee action, chances are the armed players can beat you easily. 

Instead, use flying jump kicks and sliding uppercuts to keep them on their toes by jumping/sliding and then using the melee attack. These new moves might not be effective as far as the damage is concerned, but they can render your enemy in a state of confusion due to the unpredictable nature of your moves. These moves will also allow you to surprise the enemy with an attack by jumping off buildings.

Final Words

These were some of the finest tricks from the books of experienced Apex Legends players. If you keep them in mind while fighting on the battleground, you will definitely win more in Apex Legends. These tips can help you by giving you an edge, but they certainly can’t help if you don’t improve your skills. And for that premium provider such as AimClub can help you a lot.