How to flash Android 10 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/ 5 Plus

How to flash Android 10 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/ 5 Plus 1

If you like keeping up with Android upgrades and trying out all the cool features packed in newer Android versions, well, here you have it- Android 10 custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (India) / Redmi Note 5 Plus (Global).

The ROM is in alpha state: some features like thermal engine, fingerprint scanner, and voLTE may not work as expected. In essence, you should only flash this ROM if you have experience in this field and willing to do without the aforementioned features.

  1. Camera
  2. RIL
  3. WiFi
  4. GPS
  5. Audio
  6. Media playback
  7. IR
  8. Sensors
  9. Bluetooth

In other to flash this custom ROM, you need to download the files below and follow the flashing instructions thereafter. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully so as not get stuck or put your phone in a boot loop.

Note: you are totally responsible for whatever you use the files and guide in this post for. You cannot blame or anyone else if you end up messing up your phone.

Requirements/ Downloads

  • POSP Android 10 Custom ROM – Download
  • SAR TWRP – Download
  • GAPPS – Download
  • OrangeFox Recovery – Download

Once you have downloaded the files above, proceed to flash the custom ROM following the instructions below.

Do not forget that your device needs to already be rooted; bootloader unlocked and TWRP installed before you attempt any of the steps on this page.

Flashing Android 10 on Redmi Note 5/ 5Plus

Download all the files listed above and copy to the root of your phones storage.

  • Reboot to TWRP (recovery mode)
  • Flash latest OrangeFox recovery
  • Reboot to recovery (this should happen automatically once you flash OrangeFox recovery)
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash SAR TWRP
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Reboot to recovery again
  • Flash Gapps
  • Then boot the phone normally. Wait patiently for device to boot completely.
  • Enjoy Android 10.
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Note: do not flash a custom kernel in this ROM and do not install Magisk. A bug in Magisk current build causes WiFi issues and your device could get stuck in boot loop. Hopefully this will get fixed in future Magisk updates.


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Credits: 4PERTURE, XDA