How to actually be stealthy in PUBG Mobile

Like some other PUBG Mobile players, I’m just focused on winning the chicken dinner. It doesn’t matter the number of kills I get, winning the game is my priority.

If you’re like me, then you should learn (and really need) to be as stealthy as possible. You can easily achieve this (being stealth) by reading some of my tips from this guide. You can also watch the short video clips to paint a clear picture of what I mean.

Being Stealthy in PUBG MOBILE

Outfit Choice:

Try not to wear clothes that will easily expose your position to the enemy from a distance. As you will see in the photo below, I try as much as possible to wear clothes that will fit the map I’m playing in, and actually help me blend in with the environment. For instance, when playing in Miramar you shouldn’t wear black (or green) all through if you really want to be stealthy and sneaky. Checkout the screenshot below to see my Miramar outfit.

How to actually be stealthy in PUBG Mobile 1

Use flowers and tall grasses as cover:

You really don’t wanna go prone in plain sight; just a headshot settles your score by those badass snipers. Use flowers as cover instead. Unless maybe you’re wearing a Ghillie suit, then go prone some place that blends properly with your Ghillie. If you don’t have a Ghillie suit, hide in flowers and don’t go prone. Just crouch, so you can easily spot a close-by enemy and engage. The short video clip below explains using flowers and grass as cover:

Use Suppressors:

Whenever you play PUBG Mobile, you should always search for Suppressors. With a suppressor attached to your Assault Rifle (AR) or Sub Machine Gun (SMG) you can take down enemies and make it really difficult for them to know from which direction you took the shot, if you’re close.

Additionally, some say without shoes you make less noise when walking or running. But the thing is, you can still be spotted in the mini-map once you’re closing in, and the direction you’re coming from is clearly indicated. So I don’t very much take off my shoes when playing. With matching shoes on, my character looks cooler ?