Five (5) most anticipated smartphones of 2019

anticipated smartphones of 2019
smartphones of 2019

With each year that passes by, technology evolves and gets even better such that in almost all discipline where tech is used or applied, there is an improvement of a sort. But usually, the closest to human’s everyday life and the most anticipated tech improvement sphere that most people look forward to is smartphones.

2019 hold endless possibilities og what tech giants might lead in the mobile technology industry
Foldable Smartphone

Do you love to purchase and use latest smartphones or you simply take pleasure in having knowledge about them? Here is your chance to find out about the most anticipated smartphones of 2019. Smartphones which are likely to have something unique come to offer, or which are just simply going to be different from the ones we have already used in the previous years.

Here is a list of the top 5 highly anticipated smartphones of 2019, in no particular order.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

samsung galaxy s10 is one of the few smartphone that is being truly anticipated
Galaxy S10

Over the years, we have had Samsung reveal various Galaxy phones to us. Some of them as expected while some others did not exactly meet most people’s expectation. But still Samsung remains a favorite for many.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many are looking forward to some of their smartphones of 2019 – the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ which are another improvement on the usual Galaxy phones. They are classified under the most anticipated smart phones of 2019 for the unique features that we expect to see on them. Five cameras and in-display fingerprint scanners? We can’t wait!

Samsung Galaxy S10 is to come with 5G coverage.
Samsung S10 plus will come with 5G

Nokia 9 Pure View

Nokia 9 PureView has a huge number of five cameras
Nokia 9 PureView;  Photo credits: On leaks

Another of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019 is the Nokia 9 Pure View and the smartphone will most likely be released at the end of January. What to expect? The Nokia 9 Pure View will feature a 5.99inch Quad-HD Screen, a 4,150mAH battery capacity and a five-lens rear camera with Zeiss branding.   

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 Samsung Galaxy F

foldable Samsung F
Smasung F; foldable

Samsung’s got more than a smart phone lined up for release. So, don’t be surprised we find ourselves anticipating the release of another of their smart phones. A smartphone you can fold to a particular size and fit right into purse. Yes! The Samsung Galaxy F. It is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019 which would be released later in the year. It’s Samsung’s first foldable smart phone, so we cannot expect it to be completely perfect. But still, Samsung rarely disappoints.

Huawei P30

Huawei p30 is one of the most anticipated smartphone of 2019
Huawei 2019

Another phone that we are looking forward to seeing in the market in 2019 is the Huawei P30. Following the Huawei P20 and the Mate 20 in 2018, the P30 and P30 pro of 2019 will be having the 7nm Kirin 980 processor.

Also, the anticipated smartphones of 2019 will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, a triple camera on the rear and a hole punch as the front camera. Worth looking forward to, right? Well, we can’t wait!  

Huawei p30 is one of the most anticipated smartphone of 2019
Huawei p30

Apple iPhones

apple is sure to produce and release another product this year. the specs however, we don't know yet
Apple phone

Yes! Apple is also not left out as they are known for constant upgrade and release of phones into the market.  Following the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, Apple is preparing release about three more smart phones into the market for the year 2019. What will the phones be called? No one expect Apple knows for now. But, we know the phones are sure to possess some other unique features which are sure to appeal to people. There is rumor about the port changing and the front-back designs to come with it but yet nothing very exact. Makes you more eager, right?  

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Are you anticipating the release of some other smart phones which have not been mentioned above?  Tell us about them by dropping the names in the comment box with their specs.