Eight Tech Jobs in demand in 2020 and coming years

Eight Tech Jobs in demand in 2020 and coming years 1

With the non-stop use of technology in today’s world, there is no doubt that the demand for jobs relating to the industries that focus on the development of technology is on the rise. Have you wondered which jobs are in high demand in 2020? Well, according to the annual report released by LinkedIn, the top demanded jobs in 2020 are that of Data and Artificial Intelligence. It looks like 2020 is beneficial for experts and graduates engaged in this industry.

Let’s check out the growth rate of each job on the list and how they have emerged in detail.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The first job on the list with an annual growth rate of 74%. AI and machine learning both are corresponding to innovation. The key task of an AI Specialist is to design intelligent and built-in programs that would make the computers think and perform human-centric tasks.

Robotics Engineer

This is the next one that falls in order. It has seen an annual growth of 40%. Careers under this vary between software and hardware roles. The demand for engineers working on both physical and virtual bots is rising.

Data Scientist

With an annual growth of 37%, this field tops the emerging jobs list for the past three years continuously. This job is giving rise to demand across different industries, which makes it a specialty.

Full Stack Engineer

The engineering job has made it to the list of emerging jobs for the second year. The demand for this talent has grown rapidly due to the significant changes in technology and has made the job holders for this position an asset to any company.

Site Reliability Engineer

The career has seen a 34% annual growth. The demand for this job is continuously rising and will not stop anytime soon due to the constant use of technology in our day to day lives. The professional performing this job is held responsible for making sure that the development and operational process is functioning steadily without any obstacles. 

Customer Success Specialist

It is the next in the list according to the reports, which has also seen a 34% annual growth. The professionals of this job need to have both hard and soft skills as they are expected to understand technology thoroughly and also manage the customer relations associated with it. 

Sales Development Representative

With a 34% annual growth, sales development representatives are an emerging job on the list. According to the reports, the level of expertise required to perform this job has not changed since 2015. This job still exists on the list of top jobs due to the non-stop growth of technology services that further relies on the professionals as they need to find their new target customers.   

Data Engineer

With a 33% annual growth, the job of Data Engineer has made it to the list of top 8 jobs in demand. A company’s data is its most valuable resource, and that gives rise to this job, making it special and crucial for a company. Different industries right from retail to automotive look to hire this talent due to its importance in the company.

The top industries that hire the job talent mentioned above are mainly the Information Technology and Services Industry, Internet, Computer Software, Higher Education, Marketing and Advertising Financial Services, Hospital and Health Care, Consumer Electronics, etc. The places where these jobs are in high demand are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Austin.

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So, what do these 8 jobs imply about the future job market? All the jobs mentioned above have a common factor due to which they have emerged rapidly, which is the technological changes. The demand for these jobs is increasing rapidly, especially in 2020, due to the current pandemic. Technological skills are in high demand as the companies are trying to become more adaptable and are preparing for future uncertainty. Companies need such talent who can make use of their skills to make this possible.

Creativity and innovation are of supreme importance, especially during this pandemic, as businesses need to come up with different ways to be able to deliver their services and products virtually to the target customers. As mentioned before, data is an extremely important asset for every company.

Companies can predict future disruptions and can serve their customers better with the availability of the right data and its interpretation. Data literacy is very important to make this possible for the company. This shows that the demand for these jobs is very likely to keep increasing in the coming years. Scion Staffing and other such agencies’ demand is also going to increase due to the current requirement of employees with the above-mentioned skill-set.