Eight best web sources to cope with a 7 page essay

As a college student, you will be required to write various essays, such as literature reviews, lab reports, and research/term papers. Indeed, it will be hard to cope with all the assignments. That is why many students prefer to buy book reports, theses, dissertations, and other extensive papers for a simple reason. They don’t have enough time to handle all the tasks themselves. Someone has a night shift; another one deals with other tasks. Student life is arguably hectic.

However, there are moments when you have to deal with extensive papers on your own. Even though you can be at a crossroads, not knowing what to do, you can complete it faster than you can imagine. Ready to start writing? Keep reading to learn the best pages to handle a 7-page paper in a timely manner.

Google Scholar

This web page should be on your desktop, no matter what topic you write about. Google Scholar is a search engine that incorporates millions of scholarly articles. It goes without saying that you want to be sure the article you rely on is credible and unparalleled. Google Scholar ensures all the written pieces located there are authoritative. These papers are written according to the formal language and people’s professions. That is why sometimes they might be quite hard to understand. Either way, all the works located there might be from scientific journals, written by postdoctoral students, professors. There you may also find graduate theses and dissertations.


Another credible web page is Academia.edu. The first thing that may spark your attention is the domain. .edu is always reserved for educational institutions, and no one else can buy this domain. As such, you can be sure that information found on similar web pages is trustworthy and can be used within your paper. Academia.edu collects all the papers written by academicians and students. You can find essays on any subjects written by undergraduates and graduates all across the globe. However, there is one thing to beware of. Even though the web page contains credible literature, there are many poorly written papers, mostly by undergraduates. The language can hardly be called formal. Aside from that, if you like researching, this web resource is a no-brainer.


Hold on, keep your biased comments for a moment! Indeed, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, which allows everyone to comment there. This is the main reason all the scholars criticize it and do not take it seriously. Thousands of changes are made in Wikipedia daily. Because everyone can write anything he/she desires, there are numerous errors. We do not recommend you to use Wikipedia as your primary source either. However, there is a considerable tip in using Wiki. It possesses information on nearly any topic. If an event is scarce, you won’t find it on Google but Wikipedia. And the best way to employ Wiki is to jump down to the section of sources used. Usually, you can see there are hyperlinks used to back up arguments placed in the article. These links might be books, articles, newspaper reports, etc. And nine times out of ten, they are credible. You can use them in your paper, undoubtedly.

Proquest Newsstand

If you have to include newspaper articles, this web page will be of great help. Proquest provides you with thousands of novel publications. Using this site, you will be up-to-date with what is going on.

US Bureau of Justice

Like .edu, .gov is a reliable domain that is assigned to government institutions. The Bureau of Justice provides unparalleled and unbiased statistics no matter if anyone states otherwise. If you include this source in your paper, be sure a teacher won’t question its authenticity.


To write a 7-page essay, you don’t have to pay attention to sources solely. Your writing also matters. Although you might write a thought-provoking paper, grammatical and lexical errors, coupled with misspellings and typos, will impact it badly. You won’t get the highest grade in the long run. Well, a lower score might be acceptable when you write a 1 or 2-page essay because you don’t spend as much time writing a 7-page paper. That is why ensure checking your text on Grammarly. The app aims to polish your writing to shine, making it glossy in grammar, word choice, and overall tone. The app offers two versions – free of charge and paid. Students can benefit from the former, as it performs all the tasks needed in academia. Also, Grammarly is excellent for those who value their time because you can work in Google Docs, simultaneously correcting your mistakes.

Thesaurus Dictionary of Synonyms

The combination of Grammarly and Thesaurus makes your paper look professional. Repetitions are another aspect that can lower your grade. Let’s be honest; no one wants to read the same word a couple of times unless it is a term that mustn’t be replaced. And if you write a 7-page paper, be sure to have repetitive words. Therefore, reaching Thesaurus is the best decision. It offers dozens of synonyms for an exact word, placing them according to relevance. Not only will you make your essay more proficient, but also you will boost your own vocabulary and get rid of excessive nice, good, and great.

Hemingway app

Last but not least, good old Hemingway. Wait, not him, but a web page that considers your writing aspiring to make it as splendid as Hemingway’s. When your first draft is ready, paste it to the field. Artificial intelligence evaluates your writing and demonstrates your text in the context of readability. If you have too long sentences, it will recommend narrowing them down; have too many adverbs? Make sure to erase them. Oopsie, seems like there are some sentences written in passive voice? Change them into an active voice. And so on.

These are the most helpful and easy-to-use web resources to boost your writing. Please do not neglect to employ them, and you will see that your writing skills, as well as academic performance, skyrocket!

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